Tourists were enjoying Safari ride in Zoo, lion started chasing them, see video

Tourists were enjoying Safari ride in Zoo, lion started chasing them, see video

Safari is the best way to enjoy in zoo. However, if an atrocious animal chase them, then it literally is a deadly encounter. Similar incident happened in Karnataka zoo. Here, a lion started chasing the tourists, when the tourists were enjoying Safari. The lion started to speedily run behind the tourists. The video of this incident is viral on social media.


In the video, the lion can be seen chasing the tourist’s car till some distance. However, the driver sped away and this saved the life of everyone.

Viral Video: Haryana Elections: This little reporter has made even veteran politicians speechless

Haryana Elections :- This little reporter’s questions are surprising even veterans of politics

Goldi studies in 9th class and lives in Haryana and he has interviewed Naina Chautala along with other personalities.

His detailed knowledge on politics has literally shut the mouth of many personalities. In the local elections of Haryana, this young reporter also thought to do what he likes best, that is to hold mike. He created a channel on Youtube  and he first interviewed Dushyant Chautala, but he got recognition while interviewing Naina Chautala. He not only asked about party and elections but also gave her introduction in a beautifully cute manner.

In 2 minutes and 7 seconds video, he asks about “Jan Samman Rally”.


Dog follows her mistress mouth holding purse, Users say “The most Lovely Video”

Dogs are said to be the best companions of humans. It is not wrong to say that humans can cheat one another, but dogs can never cheat their owners. They only reciprocate love. Similar to this, a lovely video is viral on social media. Actually, a facebook user has shared a video of a dog who is following her mistress by holding her purse

Ada BERANI #RAGUT Kaaa???? 🤜🤜🤜

Posted by Nahur Bhai on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A girl exists a building and the dog follows her. He has artistically held the purse of her mistress on his mouth. The girl is ahead of him and that lovely dog is following her.  The video is shared by Nahur Bhai, and the location is ascertained to be that of Malaysia.

The popularity of this video is such an extent that more than 4000 people have shared it. Likewise, people are also commenting lovely messages below the video. The video is giving a positive message in such an age of hatred.