63 (and counting) ways to begin the sentence with “I love it when”

I am writing the following sentences to start with the word

“I love it when”

  1. he shows respect towards me
  2. everybody listens to me
  3. there are no haters
  4. poor are fed infront of my eyes
  5. everyone is nice to me
  6. you show care to me
  7. there is a transparent procedure maintained in recruitment by the concerned departments
  8. they don’t make fun of me
  9. you start talking to me
  10. my mother cooks delicious food

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  1. they have their best strategies to plan for my upcoming holiday session
  2. you have every beautiful thing to say to me
  3. they have stopped backbiting
  4. my children kiss me
  5. my father gives pocket money everyday
  6. poor are fed by rich
  7. you are the one who understands me
  8. my hubby calls me every evening
  9. my wife cooks my favorite dish
  10. my parents bestow love and affection to me

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  1. they give scant regard to the allegations of others
  2. the whole world thinks me to be a sweet person
  3. my exams are delayed for another week
  4. the incessant rains declare school holiday
  5. I get the prize of my hardwork
  6. my hubby stands with me, no matter what
  7. people recognize my skills
  8. I get my share of success through increment
  9. There is no bitter news about the suferings in the world on anyday
  10. she is the one to call me first on my birthday

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  1. I get the instant message from my wife who is out in her hometown
  2. my parents easily agree to my demand
  3. I have my favorite chocolate
  4. Nobody interuppts me from plying my favorite game
  5. My friends respect me truly as they believe me
  6. The whole words seems to be beautiful with all the nicest people
  7. There is no poverty or hatred left in the world
  8. I have been the obvious choice for my parents to go to picnic
  9. No body has anything to say bad behind my back
  10. Promises are kept

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  1. People around the globe live a happy life
  2. Everyone is simply so sweet to me
  3. People praise me behind their back
  4. Victims get the justice
  5. Accuse get behind the bars
  6. Concerned authorities do their job by hearing the concerns of victims
  7. People may not be rich, but they have big heart and are equally ready to help others
  8. Everyone is ready to learn from their mistakes
  9. Seniors love their juniors while they get respect in return too
  10. The world greets everybody on the account of festivals

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  1. Different religions co-exist
  2. People may be rich, but they still have big heart where they show their concern for downtrodden
  3. The examples of humanity enforce the fact that the world is still beautiful
  4. The crime has fallen to an all time low
  5. I watch comedy shows as this is my hobby
  6. People distribute water in a hot summer day
  7. Auto drivers return the lost baggage of their clients
  8. I attend marriage parties of my friends
  9. My parents are happy
  10. My friends give moral support to me especially when I am down

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    1. People run to help elders on road
    2. Justice is not actually delayed
    3. We as people give birth to a safe and secured society

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