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How to speak English

English is important in any field. So, if you are the masters in it, then potentially you can reach the zenith earlier, as compared to others. Therefore, it is important to polish skills.

In the following article, I am sharing my experiences of how I mastered over this language in a full fledged way along with giving easy and practical steps which will help bloggers towards polishing the same as well.

My passion for enhancing English skills grew from my childhood days as I was in early years of my schooling. Till I was in class 6th, my English was not even upto the mark then. I used to get punishment from teachers as well as parents for failing to get requisite marks in any subject and English was not an exception.

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However, soon I got counseling from one of my uncles who equally happened to be a HOD in Government Polytechnic. He is a really nice man. I must say. He gave me enough reasons to polish my English, since all other subjects are primarily based on English as well. So, if I will improve my English, I can equally be able to have a better control over other subjects too. That was the day which proved to be a change for me.

Although, I was able to understand to what others used to speak, yet I couldn’t communicate with them in English and I believe that most of us face such predicament. Isn’t it?

You might not believe that it was the reality that I used to bring all the English dailies in the morning such as “Times of India”, “Hindustan Times”, “Pioneer” and the list goes on and on.

I am telling from my own personal experience that the difference which I found in these English newspapers is that “Pioneer” offers comparably easy use of words. Therefore, initially, I would recommend this newspaper for those who want to learn skills of English.  Because, when I say easy use of words, I mean as compared to other English dailies.

I used to closely monitor the words which my teachers use. More so, when it comes to English subject, I used to learn a lot many words. I still remember that I learnt the word “Enthusiasm” and the way it should be used.

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If you though that by learning words, you can use them also, then you are wrong. Since, you have to use them at their appropriate place at their appropriate form.  For example,

How enthusiasm and happiness can be used. Lets find out.

I am enthusiasm or I am happiness (wrong)

I am an enthusiastic person (used as adjective) (or if we want to use the word “Enthusiasm” then we can say

I am full of enthusiasm (used as noun)

I am happy (used as noun)

I am full of happiness (used as adjective)

I can’t go in detail about whole grammar in the post though. But can help you out, if you have any queries.

I equally persuaded my uncle to give tuitions to me of English and he obliged. He made it a point of giving an “Essays” and “Letters” to write on daily basis which I have to complete anyhow and show to him the next evening. My passion started growing when I started seeing the pleasant change.

When I used to read newspapers, I made it a point of writing the words which I did not know the meaning of. That gave me enough reasons to strengthen my vocabulary as well.  How can I miss watching English news channels? As I said that it became my passion, so I used to get enjoyment by watching news channels and I equally used to closely monitor the way certain words were pronounced. Since, that’s equally matter as well.

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I made it a point to listen news with a pen and piece of paper in order to jot down the difficult words. Although, considering flawless and speedy way the anchors speak English, I couldn’t get a grasp of certain words, yet that was only short lived, since I started getting familiar with the words.

Soon in a matter of months, I started finding a pleasant change. My uncle was equally upbeat since I used to make use of new words. He also advised me to stand in front of mirror in order to communicate with yourself by looking at your eyes. This was equally another pleasant change which I experienced. This exercise is a must, if you want to enhance your confidence since as you speak through such fashion, it gives you enough boost towards working on your aim.

Months passed by and soon even my classmates started getting the feel of how passionate I am towards English. If they come across with any word in any subject, they used to ask me and thankfully I have the answer to most of them.

The kind of passion which I had for English can be gauged from the fact that I used to score the highest marks in English. Interestingly, when the teacher used to speak out marks of the subject, all the heads used to roll towards me in bewilderment.

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The benefits which English had in my schooling days:-

  • Earlier, it became extremely difficult for me to mug up long answers, since my English was not even up to the mark. It was so poor that I couldn’t even comprehend as to what was written. Therefore, in the event when I forgot certain words, my whole answer looses its meaning.
  • However, later on I started learning the whole essence and I was in a position to write answers in my own words, thus impressing my teacher as well. The whole process hardly used to take any time as it became easy for me.

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For those who want to sharpen their English, there are list of things which one should follow (I am telling from my own experience)

  • Get English newspaper namely “Pioneer” and the paper can long last through a week. Since, you can’t read more than once side of a paper daily. Write down the meaning of the difficult words which you come across by goggling or referring dictionary what ever eases you.
  • Make a habit of taking out time from 8:45 till 9:15 at night and listen to AIR (National Radio). You know why I am saying is that they air Hindi news in the first half and exactly English version of the same in the second half. It will help you too, like the way it helped me.
  • Communicate yourself in front of mirror
  • Listen to English news channels and have pen and paper ready to write down the English words.

To the best of my knowledge, that’s sums up my entire experiences which I have used towards sharpening my skills.

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Therefore, I have shared to what I feel in the post along with the steps to guide yourself as well. This will help you in your aim. In case you want to ask any thing, I am saying again, I am there.

Now as a full-fledged blogger, English is indeed helping me immensely by getting good projects. The kind of motivation and satisfaction which I see in my clients further proves the fact that “Hard work never goes waste”. Isn’t it?

Hope the post helps many of us and so does this book which let’s you polish your basic English further.


Do comment with your suggestions if you want more of such posts.


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Let’s take a look as to how to create same sentence in two different ways:-

Before moving further, I have to give credits to the book namely Essential English Learners with Answers for creating a deep and thorough understanding about English. The book helped me realize, English isn’t difficult at all



I am excitedly waiting to hear the good news of my son’s success in exam

I am waiting in excitement to get the pleasant news of my son’s success in exam



He will be going to Paris next month

He is scheduled to go to Paris next month



How excited he is to hear the news of becoming a proud father

How jubilant he seems to become, on knowing that he attained fatherhood


They have gone to party before informing that they will return late at night

Before going to the party, they have told to return late at night


I have my birthday coming up next week

My birthday is scheduled for next week


I will throw a wonderful party as soon I arrive in U.S

I am scheduled to throw an awesome party, the moment I will land in U.S


He is expected to reach New York next hour

It is expected that he is going to reach New York, in an hour



I am not surprised to know that U.S is going to send relief items to Iraq

The news of U.S sending relief items to Iraq doesn’t surprise me


I have talked to him with the hope, that he will listen to me

I expect him to listen to me, so I called him



Following 2 sentences depict synonyms


I am happy, jubilant, excited, happy and energized

He is sad, depressed, unhappy, miserable, dejected and fed-up

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If you are fed-up of trying various procedures to loose weight naturally, and haven’t been successful, then don’t be demoralized since through the following tips, you can actually ensure fast and easy tricks to lose weight naturally. However, if I were to tell you that you don’t have to eat less while you are loosing weight, will it surprise you? Well, it shouldn’t though. Since, I am going to help you know the ways of how to eat more and still lose weight through best foods for natural weight loss.

foods for natural weight loss

Read for more:-

It shouldn’t come as a total surprise since you can stick with the delicious and mouth watering fruits which you always wanted to have. For example, you can actually melt off pounds with diet such as juicy grapes and oranges which always give you “mouth-watering” times of your life. It has been a proven fact that they help in weight loss and weight maintenance as well.

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Now, the big question as to selective eatables, can help you have a check on your weight?

  • Hence, one of fast and easy tricks to loose weight is having fruits and vegetables as much as you want as that they are highly rich in nutrients and naturally have low calories. Hence, without a second thought, you can go on eating them by equally being sure, that you aren’t going to consume lots of calories in the process as well.
  • Another thing to know about foods for natural weight loss is that these juicy fruits have water and fiber in them and they give much needed strength to your body by equally giving you enough time to feel fuller as well. Hence, you normally don’t crave for much in such case. This thing basically helps in between two foods like that of lunch and dinner where you often like to munch something or the other. Hence, in such cases, if you have such juicy fruits, then it naturally proves fast and easy trick to loose weight much to your joy and enthusiasm. Juicy fruits equally work wonders in proving to be the best foods for skin. Isn’t it great?
  • These fruits have disease fighting nutrients which help you stay healthy and fresh for ever as well.
  • There are series of benefits which the antioxidants, fiber, vitamins as well as minerals found in fruits and vegetables have. Like they cure cancer, heart diseases, checks your blood pressure, and cholesterol etc. So, among st easy ways to lose weight, you should have their intake as much as you can as well.
  • So, if you are looking for best foods for natural weight loss, then come up with fresh fruits and vegetables, since the moment you start consuming them, your cravings for others eatables will continue to go down and in the process, even you won’t like to have even the best of your goodies as well.

Following are the best foods for weight loss list

  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Broth
  • Extra virgin coconut oil
  • Lemons
  • Fresh juices
  • Extra virgin coconut oil
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Pureed Vegetables
  • Soup
  • Eggs and Sausage

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Thing to note:-

In the event when you are having canned fruits and juices, they might be having more calories so it is better to avoid them. Due to the fact, that they don’t have enough fiber in them and they don’t make your stomach fuller as well.

Do you know that there is a positive site to commercialization? Yes, I am talking about Garcinia Cambogia from Healthkart which offers coupon fifty where you get flat 50% off. Yes, now ensuring a healthy life is all the more easy.

Even in case of canned vegetable juice, although they have far less calories, but they are packed with sodium wallop where you need to cautious as well.

Finally, aforesaid are the best foods for weight loss. Have them and live life to the fullest. In your quest to loose weight fast, results might vary, but they are surely going to help you attain the perfect figure which you always wanted.


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When there is depression for longer than your mind and body can actually bear, then it results in suicidal thoughts. Yes, “suicide” signals a premature ending of one’s life by equally sending shock waves to the near and dear ones. Yes, what is left behind is not only months but years of guilt, grief, resentment, anger, confusion and endless moments of chaos and confusion to the family for not able to do anything about it.

Since, we couldn’t wish the person “Good Bye” as we try to recall the last time, we happened to meet the deceased. Naturally, as emotional as we possibly get, we feel sorry for being very rude, insane, crazy or mad we were actually with the victim, but now the reality is the person has committed suicide.

Remember, failure is not the end of the world as if you are depressed due to not able to come up with expected results, recall that there is always the “next time”. Yes, that’s important to make you cheerful and motivated.

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The fear of cutting short ones life usually makes it a living hell for the parents who has to put brave front towards facing the traumatic, sudden and instant ending of their own children. Worst of all, there is immense stigma associated with suicides which even makes it further challenging for the associated members to be living and facing the world. As they are often the subject of endless blames for “just” being a mute spectator.

As per the recent developments worth to be seen, most of the suicides results from the unnecessary high expectations on the part of parents who want their children to excel, no matter what and on top of that, they keep on comparing them with other studious students. Thus, it instantly lowers the confidence level of students and they feel neglected from the people who matter them the most (like parents in this case). Similarly, it is this negative vibe, which starts with the thought process that there are “worthless” or “useless”. They also feel that society hardly needs them anymore and so do their parents who often tend to shout at them for being too careless, insensitive, and mad.

Even their friends turn foes and they literally cut themselves off, from the society as they can’t bear the stigma of being too traumatized from the constant tantrums of everybody.

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Even if parents notice that something is amiss with their children, they tend to lecture them. Little realizing the fact, that people with suicidal thoughts actually don’t need any argument and they themselves aren’t in a clear state of mind to listen any more dictations or lecture on the issue of “immorality” or “morality” or “how one should be more responsible to family and surroundings”

Do you know why it is recommended to have glass of water during angry state, especially during depression?

  • It is because while being hot tempered, it usually makes our body warm and water due to its cooling properties tend to make us cool and composed.
  • It is for the same reason that swimming may just prove to be the right option especially for those in depression or anger. It equally has its healing properties where the body gets surrounded with water to minimize the temperature. Hence, not only it helps to check on our anger issues, but is equally healthy for mind and body.

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Following are the suicidal thoughts which usually hover in an individual

  • It’s high time that I have been constantly suffering day-in and day-out and enough is enough
  • I finally have to end myself so that my sufferings end once and for all
  • I am left with no other option that to finish myself
  • Nobody loves me
  • The world doesn’t need me any more
  • I am just a liability to everyone, as the world will be much happier and pleasant without me
  • My parents won’t be having much of an effect in my absence (giving scant regard to the extent of problems you are actually going to leave them surrounded with)
  • I am a person born to end myself
  • I want to make my loved ones feel the extent of problems, I am actually surrounded with
  • I equally want them to experience the kind of suicidal thoughts, I am actually experiencing

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What you can do to minimize the level of sufferings for yourself?

  • You need to recall and memorize all the positive things which you possess
  • Give yourself a pat on the back by believing that you are God’s beautiful creation and that the sufferings are only a test from him to make you strong and polished
  • You need to distract yourself by doing positive things like reading books
  • Involve yourself in the get-togethers in your area to enhance your social circle
  • Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep and that depression shouldn’t come in the way of eating your mind and body. If necessary take a medicine, but not make it a habit.
  • Talk to the person whom you respect, care and love. Yes, share with him the thoughts which are going on your mind. Since this practice actually lessens the sufferings.

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  • Depression usually make us frustrated and in this state of mind, we tend to get angry more often. So, try to control your anger by doing things you prefer. It can be watching your favorite channel such as comedy shows or indulging in favorite sports or listening music etc. As you divert your mind, you would ease yourself from the tensions which has been accumulating over time.
  • You need to also know whether you are really addicted to something which may have triggered your depression further. Yes, I am talking about associated reasons of being alcoholic. Other than that if you have mental disorder then try to find out the reasons, whether it is hereditary. You need to talk to your physician regarding the ways to forsake it for leading a normal, fruitful and systematic life.
  • Create a safety plan writing down the reasons which may prevent you to commit suicide. Yes, delay it for like 24 hours every single time you get the thought as recalling the safety plans will keep you abreast with the reasons to dissuade yourself.

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Other ways of how to get rid of suicidal thoughts

Depressing thoughts may change occasionally. What (emotional thoughts) you may be experiencing today, may not be tomorrow. So, take easy and believe yourself that you are strong and bold to face such situations easily.

I am talking about the following states:-

You may experience a change in your mood (for better) after watching  a healthy comedy show, you have always loved and admired

Going out for an early or late night stroll, bare-foot on misty grass to keep your mind cool as early morning foggy grass is beneficial for health reasons

What aggravates the situation for a person to commit suicide?

Well, following are the three instances which enhances the chance of a person to commit suicide:-

  1. Firstly, there are suicidal thoughts which trigger us
  2. Then comes the available means to suicide such as weapons
  3. The available opportunity for committing suicide such as being lonely

In such situations, parents need to gel with their children extensively and remove any objections which may act as a weapon. For example, knife, long piece of cloth, sharp objects etc.

People under the influence of alcohol are far more likely to commit suicide as their mind ceases to work. So, don’t drink or take drugs.

Try to create your personal goals which may bring smiles in your face such as recalling about the funny childish moments you have with your friends, or how your parents and teachers regarded you to be special. As this acts as a stepping stone for you.

Do take care

Health is wealth and we all know about it. So, eat right and never skip meals by taking required hours of sleep. Yes, your body won’t pain during this process as it releases endorphins and strengthens your well being emotionally by releasing stress.

Find new ways to check your stress level. This can be done by indulging in exercises or practice breathing exercise to make you emotionally strong.

Suicidal feelings may have associated trauma which may long-last for days or even months. So, even if the feeling subsides, you need to keep on caring for yourself. Yes, I am talking about therapy to adhere. Yes make sure you feel blessed to be a part of God’s creation try to understand the real reason for being in the world. After all, as prevailing first rays of morning sun wakes you up, you feel energetic and cool, from the notorious thoughts of last night. Yes, it actually happens with others and so can happen with you too.

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Life isn’t only about tensions and worries as there are moments of joy, fun and happiness worth being desired for. Yes, the following post about top notch funny images, will give you enough of reasons to have hearty laugh when you least expect it.


Looking at the image will make you realize whether it is skin or some sort of rubber which has such an elastic feature? Yes, as surprising as it possible gets, the man is clearly holding his skin right in front of us to make us go “wow”




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Ever wondered how a seemingly dangerous and threatening thing be converted in a funny masterpiece? Yes, I am talking about the skull which is literally decorated like a bride to give us enough of amusing reasons of the extent of creativity people can actually resort to.


Its ordinary for us as humans to put on earplugs, but what if a frog does the same? Well, it is humorous news. Isn’t it? Quite like what you are actually seeing in the image. Yes, a frog seems to be soaked into listening its favorite song.


What will be your reaction when an image speaks of a perfect combination of being funny yet scary at the same time? Well, have a look at the image and decide for yourself

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How will you react when a man is dressed in the attire of a female? I am sure; you won’t be able to stop your laughter, quite like what you see in the image. Perhaps his unusual behavior seems to have provoked police officials to nab him as well.


This image is the perfect example of what happens when you are too creative and expecting the most of the situation. Yes, the man with high expectations is actually able to get that coveted picture with the bird sitting right on her head. Yes, this is quite an unusual sight and I am sure, he would be feeling very lucky as well.


Have a look at how two people with certain level of deformities seems to be mingling without any differences. Yes, the image although being funny actually teaches us to love each other, no matter what. It is a perfect example where physical differences don’t come in the way. Likewise, we should learn from them, where there shouldn’t be any differences financially as well.

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How crazy one can actually dress? Yes, the image gives a whole new meaning to how mad people can actually become. I guess the image is part of a drama, but it is enough to amuse us as well.


“We believe as to what our eyes see”. Isn’t it? But, if I ask you, your reaction regarding this particular image? Well, you will be shocked to the core considering the level of curiosity you may develop as well. You won’t believe how come such a transformation in a man be possible.


The images stands out to be the perfect case of illusion. You will be forced to believe, as to how can than happen.

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I am writing the following sentences to start with the word

“I love it when”

  1. he shows respect towards me
  2. everybody listens to me
  3. there are no haters
  4. poor are fed infront of my eyes
  5. everyone is nice to me
  6. you show care to me
  7. there is a transparent procedure maintained in recruitment by the concerned departments
  8. they don’t make fun of me
  9. you start talking to me
  10. my mother cooks delicious food

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  1. they have their best strategies to plan for my upcoming holiday session
  2. you have every beautiful thing to say to me
  3. they have stopped backbiting
  4. my children kiss me
  5. my father gives pocket money everyday
  6. poor are fed by rich
  7. you are the one who understands me
  8. my hubby calls me every evening
  9. my wife cooks my favorite dish
  10. my parents bestow love and affection to me

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  1. they give scant regard to the allegations of others
  2. the whole world thinks me to be a sweet person
  3. my exams are delayed for another week
  4. the incessant rains declare school holiday
  5. I get the prize of my hardwork
  6. my hubby stands with me, no matter what
  7. people recognize my skills
  8. I get my share of success through increment
  9. There is no bitter news about the suferings in the world on anyday
  10. she is the one to call me first on my birthday

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  1. I get the instant message from my wife who is out in her hometown
  2. my parents easily agree to my demand
  3. I have my favorite chocolate
  4. Nobody interuppts me from plying my favorite game
  5. My friends respect me truly as they believe me
  6. The whole words seems to be beautiful with all the nicest people
  7. There is no poverty or hatred left in the world
  8. I have been the obvious choice for my parents to go to picnic
  9. No body has anything to say bad behind my back
  10. Promises are kept

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  1. People around the globe live a happy life
  2. Everyone is simply so sweet to me
  3. People praise me behind their back
  4. Victims get the justice
  5. Accuse get behind the bars
  6. Concerned authorities do their job by hearing the concerns of victims
  7. People may not be rich, but they have big heart and are equally ready to help others
  8. Everyone is ready to learn from their mistakes
  9. Seniors love their juniors while they get respect in return too
  10. The world greets everybody on the account of festivals

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  1. Different religions co-exist
  2. People may be rich, but they still have big heart where they show their concern for downtrodden
  3. The examples of humanity enforce the fact that the world is still beautiful
  4. The crime has fallen to an all time low
  5. I watch comedy shows as this is my hobby
  6. People distribute water in a hot summer day
  7. Auto drivers return the lost baggage of their clients
  8. I attend marriage parties of my friends
  9. My parents are happy
  10. My friends give moral support to me especially when I am down

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  1. People run to help elders on road
  2. Justice is not actually delayed
  3. We as people give birth to a safe and secured society
  4. In order to know more of such ways and to polish English like a pro, refer the book







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One of my readers asked the ways to use the word “it”

So, it necessitates me to write the following post in order to help you guys understand, the correct method “it” is actually used in English grammar

The word “it” is just a means to start a sentence.

There are other following sentences starting with the word “it”

  1. It may rain today
  2. It is hot
  3. It will be very windy in few minutes
  4. It is a good scripture
  5. It will look good on you
  6. It is going to create history
  7. It will bring a revolution
  8. It may harm you
  9. It is cold outside
  10. It may bring a certain level of discomfort

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  1. It will indeed going to make everyone embarrassed
  2. It is the best advice which I have possibly got in years
  3. It will certainly be the best time of my life
  4. It will bring two countries closer
  5. It is going to be the best time of my life
  6. It may bring my friend think twice
  7. It will never rain during this time of the year
  8. It is going to be the worst moment of the history
  9. It may bring enough cheers to the people who were expecting celebration of sorts
  10. It will indeed be the best way to lead a life of happiness

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  1. It may never feel that way, but it actually shows
  2. It will certainly be etched in my memory forever
  3. It will be necessary for me to shout at you now
  4. It is going to be possibly the best time of my life
  5. It will indeed be etched in the memory forever
  6. It is going to have its repurcussions for people
  7. It may look wrong, but it is actually right
  8. It should look awkward considering so many decorative materials attached to it
  9. It is going to be the worst dress which you will wear
  10. It will infact make you famous for all the wrong reasons

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  1. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but you are the best person, I have come across with
  2. It will be quite a serene atmosphere considering that the storm has just passed by
  3. It will truly be the most coveted moment considering I have my family with me
  4. It may look pleasant to the ears of others, but not mine
  5. It will be a showpiece which history will remember for all the wrong reasons
  6. It is going to be the best way to take revenge from this man, who has no ettiquettes
  7. It will be the best thing you could have done for his kind deeds
  8. It is one life, so you can either live it to the fullest or destroy it by indulging in immoral activities
  9. It is going to be the classic show, as the actors from different countries of the world are taking part
  10. It may be the best way to counter his allegations, but I am certainly not interested

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  1. It will be quite a historical moment, considering two nations coming together for an amicable solution to the long pending issue
  2. It is right on your part
  3. It has been said multiple times, but still he doesn’t seem to understand
  4. It is going to be the best phase for him considering the fact that he has just been released from the prison to start the life afresh
  5. It will look good on him provided he mends his way and develops respect for his elders
  6. It should only be useful, if you know how you can better make use of this machine
  7. It shouldn’t bother you, as you have got all the paper work authenticating your honesty
  8. It will be the best moment, which you should consider as you are already free from all the charges
  9. It will be the most awesome moment as he has just won the long pending case today
  10. It will create moments of history for his family who has the credit of travelling to different places of the world in style.

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  1. It isn’t the place which I have visited last time
  2. It is fine, but I need more choices to make my decision
  3. It can create a certain level of confusion for the visiting delegates
  4. It should be what people actually desire and wish for
  5. It will be morally correct, but again not everyone will be ready to agree on this

You can ask for any sort of problem right here in the comment section as well.

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Uttar Pradesh is nearing Legislative assembly elections popularly known as Vidhan Sabha elections and every party is leaving no stone unturned towards wooing voters.

The government machinery is in full swing by ensuring that everybody gets there Aadhar Card made as soon as possible. Let’s not forget that this is a mechanism which has been going on for few years now and it is expected to bear its results for the people of Uttar Pradesh, by maintaining transparency in the whole system. Yes, thanks to the uniqueness of the Aadhar cards, even voter I.D cards will soon be linked, thus leaving no loophole arising out of double voting or similar instances which have occurred in the past.

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How to apply for Aadhar card online?

If you want to check your Aadhar Card status or you want to do Aadhar data update (with regards to spelling change of name  or change your addresses

Go to the where you have to fill required information.

How Aadhar card is different?

Aadhar cards undergo the extensive and sure cut process of demographic and biometric de-duplication, which cross checks the concerned information during enrolment. Yes, it does so, with the current information (if any) provided in the database. An Aadhar card owner only has to enroll once or else his application is likely to be rejected.

Aadhar uses Biometric devices

So, what does it mean?

Well, these devices capture biometric data inputs such as i.e Fingerprint / Iris /both the information from Aadhaar number holders. Hence, such unique traits possessed by different people, every Aadhar card is unique and that there can’t be any discrepancies which can be done.

 How Aadhar will end loopholes now?

  • Let’s take a look at the possible fool-proof secure mechanisms which Aadhar card will indeed ensure towards maintaining transparency:-
  • Unlike Voted I.D cards, rations cards, there has been news in the past, that people readily make a new one after shifting to cities and this surely created problems in the past, considering the possibilities of poll rigging etc.
  • Those who have misplaced their Voter I.D cards get a new one only to find their lost ones, but they have never reported the lost cards to concerned authorities.

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There have been camps which have taken place at every area of the constituency in order to benefit local dwellers so that they can get Aadhar cards prepared.

In such a globalised world, where you can easily apply for any sort of booking online, now Government has also speeded up the process by giving the luxury for people to apple online thanks to the site namely

Through the above link, you can check your Aadhar Card status – Online.

Now, if you want to know the Aadhar Card status, then it is a child’s play for you to do the same.

This is the facility which is given by the Government and it is indeed benefitting voters who don’t have to stand in long queues. All they have to do is to know your application status and after login to the site you will be able to ascertain your exact position as well.


How to link Aadhar card to Voter I.D card?

For voter id link with aadhar card, you need to go go to the link and you will be directed with the relevant details.

It can be done in the following 2 ways”-


Through Web Portal

  • Click on
  • Click on “Search Your Name box” and fill the required fields such as your name, state, constituency
  • Upon seeing your details, click on the button “View” which is there on the extreme left of row

Now, fill your Aadhar Number and Name

If you want to get confirmation through mobile or email, then fill them to get periodical updates as well.

You can check aadhar card link to voter card online status

Through Your Mobile Phone

  • You just need to do SMS on the number 51969.
  • So, what you need to write?
  • Well, the following message you have to write in the exact format, which I am telling you
    • ECILINK <EPIC Number> <Aadhaar number>
    • e.g. ECILINK IJH3456780 123456789123
    • You will get confirmation SMS


Voting is the birth right

Voting is the birth right of every dutiful as well as concerned citizen in order to bring a potential change. Therefore, as you have applied for the Aadhar Card and has linked Voted Id Card with Aadhar card, you will be permitted to vote. Yes, that means, as you have an authentic voter card which can only be proved as and when you have linked the same. Therefore, take an active part in getting Aadgar card made and link your Voter card with Aadhar card and change yourself for the better since you don’t want to repent later on for not being a change in changing the politics.

Hence, without any further delay, search for the voter card status 2017 by referring to the aforementioned government site where you will get complete information. Your name should in all probability be in the voter list. Increasing number of Indians are searching for their names and you should equally do the same on priority basis so that even you can proudly say later on, that you have played an active part in bringing a positive change in Indian politics. Isn’t it?

  • Similarly, if you have applied for Adhar card and want to check the status, you can equally check the Adhar card status through the same as well.
  • For those of you who have applied for pan card and haven’t received the same, they can equally check the pan card status by visiting the Government website.
  • One should have necessary documents which are laid down by the government since it is these documents which can help you at any time. So, login to the site and check the respective status within few clicks. Isn’t it great?

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Not forget to mention the first time voters whose enthusiasm can be worth seen since they are naturally quite upbeat about casting their franchise for the first time in their life. So, if you are going to vote for the first time, the many congrats. Let’s play our part towards building our future for the better.

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A great way to create a mind-blowing, awesome and healthy presence on social media sites such as Instagram is to monitor the activities of your followers. Yes, if you ask me, well I should know “who unfollowed on Instagram”. Being a photojournalist, my work entails me to be creative, innovative and smart where my responsibility for my ever increasing Instagram followers is to deliver the best of images increases further. Yes, they naturally expect something different, interesting and unique every single time. Thanks to my professional commitments with years of excellence, I do feel that I am complete with who unfollowed on instagram app. Yes, the other day I was checking the app and I downloaded it for free instantly and it is actually delivering to what it promises.


Since, it gives me impetus to actually feel a pulse of the taste of my followers. More so, as I have always wanted to keep a track of wide range of follower’s activities, where my primary focus was on the followers who dearly follow me with respect to those who have unfollowed me

Thanks to who unfollowed on instagram app, I instantly get a notification in the event if someone unfollows me

Now, I am able to know my secret followers

After all, social media sites have become the most obvious choice for people where it gives a platform to connect with like-minded people and also to socialize with our college friends, colleagues with whom we may not be able to meet due to paucity of time or distance.

Even the best way for non tech users to easily get to know to check unfollowers with a single tap

Well, now if I have to see the profiles of other Instagram users, I can do from within the app

  • It equally helps me to gain further social media insights
  • I am able to know secret admirers as well

Instagram gives such a captivating platform for sharing your thoughts, expressions and likings through the best of moments which you capture. Yes, I am talking about those beautiful pictures which give perfect reasons to re-live those moments as and when you take a look at them.

After all, it is due to this reason, that “A picture is regarded to be thousand words” and if clicked well, then it further captivates the attention of everyone.

Final words

In short, who unfollowed me in Instagram has made me easy to track followers unlike before. My post is basically for those who are looking to create a pleasant difference in their personal or professional network. I don’t see any reason to mention about the drawbacks, as there aren’t any.

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Surrogacy- The best and everlasting Option

Have you tried every possible effort to become proud parents, but failed? If yes, then you do not need to worry since surrogacy will give you heavenly experience by blessing with a child.

After all, pregnancy culminating in the birth of a child showers endless and everlasting happiness. Although, married couples resort to every possible method to be blessed with the nature’s best form of gift, yet it is not that easy to become parents. Therefore, surrogacy proves to be a blessing for them to attain parenthood.

Hence, it is necessary to know every thing in detail about Surrogacy.


  • What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the process where woman bears and gives birth either for “individuals” or couples. Hence, it signals endless celebrations for intended parents who run a proud family.


  • Why India is suited for surrogacy?

India demands completion of fewer formalities. Couples who are looking to hire surrogacy in India, do not have to undergo endless legal formalities.

After all, India Council of Medical research makes it mandatory for surrogate mothers to sign away their right just after the birth of baby. Hence, it leaves no room of any sort of claim by the surrogate mother in future. Thus, the Indian Law gives 100% protection to intended parents by completely finishing off the rights of the surrogate parents. Hence, intended mothers feel safe and secure since they know that no body will lay claim on their baby ever after. 2002 was the year when commercial surrogacy was legalized in India and since then, there has been whopping 1,500+ successful surrogate births on Indian soil. Hence, it is a clear proof that India is one of the best destinations for “childless couples”

India, being a traditional country lends helping hand to every one and when it comes to guests, Indians regard them as next to Gods. Hence, it is enough to prove that India look forward towards instilling endless and everlasting smiles by going overboard to any one who needs help.  Hence, India does not have dearth of women who willingly agrees to bear the child since they believe in the existence of a family. Therefore, commercial surrogacy is flourishing like never before as it is equally proving to be source of livelihood for the economically weaker families as well.

A surrogate mother gets her medical, travelling expenses along her service charge. The time, efforts and pain which she had borne in the process is held in high esteem and she is paid roughly Rs 3,00,000 to 4,00,000

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  • Surrogacy cost

The cost of surrogacy in India is far less as compared to other countries in the world. The charges of a surrogate mother is nothing when compared to what couples have to shell in United States or for that matter in any part of the world. The cost of surrogacy in India stands out to roughly $ 20,000 as compared to US where you have to shell whopping $50,000 for the same procedure. Hence, India has become a lucrative option for depressed couples who want to start their family through surrogacy. The country equally offers lucrative option for them as they ensure everlasting happiness without burning a hole in their pocket. Increasing numbers of parents are returning home with a sense of “much needed” and coveted victory. After all, the endless and convincing glee in their faces is a clear signal of successfully undergoing mentally tough times in their quest of having a child.

Needless to say, that a baby symbolizes love and affection and she strengthens the family bond even further.  A home ceases to justify its name unless it bears witness to the presence of a child including varied form of emotions of her be it cries, naughtiness, happiness and the list just goes on and on.

Medical tourism in India is growing in leaps and bounds and increasing number of depressed yet optimistic couples are finding India to be the best place for hiring surrogacy. After all, the country is continuously fulfilling the expectations of endless number of couples who are eying to get their surrogates here.

Low medical cost, enriching past records and conducive procedure has made the country way ahead of the rest. India is only one of the few countries which has not banned surrogacy. Hence, if you are looking to change your life for the better, then look no further towards literally experiencing heaven on earth. After all, the cries of an inborn child will make you blessed with the most sacred and coveted happiness which is simply hard to describe in mere words. Isn’t it?


  • Surrogacy in India

Before going to India, you need to prepare yourself mentally in order to avoid unforeseen hassles. Thereby, as you follow your guidelines, your trip gets edged in your memory for all the pleasant reasons. Increasing number of depressed couples are making a trip to the country and they are returning joyfully like never before.

Getting in touch with an esteemed agency will surely work wonders and you need to equally undergo psychological counseling. Its importance is all the more relevant and necessary as the surrogate hails from different part of the world who has been brought up in a totally different surrounding. It is advisable to get in touch with a psychologist who can assist you to cope up with the complexities. Therefore, your journey from a woman to attaining motherhood is actually special as you feel blessed to be a proud mother who will nurture her baby in the most loving way. A surrogacy agency can ease you in your process of starting a family of your own. After all, you can speed up the process of having your own family. Due to the exemplary assistance and guidance which the agency bestows on “depressed couples”, it is indeed able to solve your purpose of having the biggest joy in life. These agencies provide moral support by boosting your confidence and making you mentally prepared as well.

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  • What are the types of Surrogacy?


There are two types of surrogacy

  1. Traditional Surrogacy
  2. Gestational Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy- Here, the male devoid of a suitable partner, ( for eg. Her wife does not have suitable eggs) wishes to have a baby. It mainly happens due to genetic reasons if the eggs of the woman are not viable and it might have the potential of risking her biological child, then traditional surrogate is the best option for her. Hence, surrogate is genetically attached with the unborn child.

Gestational surrogacy-Here, the surrogate mother is impregnated. The egg belongs to another woman which is fertilized by intended father’s sperms through a process namely vitro fertilization. Here, the surrogate is not genetically attached with the unborn child. The surrogate might need fertility drugs in order to ensure successful impregnation.


  • What are the criteria’s for a surrogate mother?

Health is highly important. Hence, a potential surrogate mother needs to be in the best of her health that can easily and timely undergo pregnancy without any risk to her life.

However, there are medical conditions which can prevent a woman to become a surrogate mother.

  • If in case she is suffering from health problems which have the potential of developing complications later on.
  • Woman who is obese or in the habit of smoking, drinking etc cannot not become surrogate mother due, to impending risk to both baby and herself.
  • It takes determination and courage to become a surrogate mother. She has to be emotionally as well as physically strong. She should be applauded and supported by her loved ones through the whole procedure.

Following are the conditions which are laid under section 56 and surrogate mother has to fulfill each and every single one of them as well:-

  • She has to be minimum 21 years old
  • Due to the associated high risks in first pregnancy, woman who has already given birth is preferred.
  • There should not be any known or obvious reasons endangering her health or that of the child comes out in the medical evaluation which she undergoes.
  • If the surrogacy involves vitro fertilization, she needs to provide written consent.
  • She should not have been a surrogate for compensation more than once before.
  • She has to sign all the terms of surrogacy contract

The agency easily looks after the medical along with legal aspects. Hence, intended parents need not worry even a bit as well.

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  • What is Gay Surrogacy?

Being a sexually different man, if you want to start a family of your own, then thanks to gay surrogacy, you can actually become a proud father. Even in India, your different sexual orientation will not prove to be a source of hindrance towards becoming a family man.


In order to be proudly referred as “gay parents”, India stands out to be the best option for you. The role of India becomes even more than ever before as there is equally no restriction unlike some of the western countries.

  • What are the changing trends?

However, if you are in the notion that women opt for surrogacy only if they are not able to conceive, then you need to seriously introspect. Thanks to changing lifestyle, even professional women who want to save themselves from the excruciating and time consuming procedure of giving birth go for surrogacy. Therefore, their professional life goes on without any sort of hindrance or problems.

Ensure endless happiness

Now, you do not need to be depressed and disheartened as surrogacy will open plethora of happiness like never before. It stands out to be the safest and effective way of giving endless and everlasting happiness for thousands of couples who are proudly and happily running families of their own. There are documents which are signed between intended parents and surrogate mother. Hence, the contract ensures that the baby stands out to be the legitimate child of the intended couples. Surrogacy gives you enough reasons to spend your life joyfully. Finally, no one can prove to be a hindrance for you in creating your family and thus accomplishing your dreams for ever before. So what are you waiting for?

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