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Summers are in full swing and in such scorching days, we need to take extra precautions to preserve our skin and make it even fairer as well. After all, who doesn’t want to look fair and beautiful? We all love to. Isn’t it? Beauty is well appreciated and we all love to have fair skin as well. So what if you aren’t blessed with fair skin, yet you can derive easy steps on how to get fair even skin tone. My idea of writing the post is to tell you 10 essential homemade beauty tips for fair skin so that you don’t have to spend whopping sum of money outside by going to beauty parlors. After all, these are the easiest and cost effective skin tips to help you get fair skin. You can attain fair skin right by using the products which will in all probability be there in your kitchen. While going out, you should be habitual of applying sun screen since it protects the soft skin of your face and try to cover your face from the direct rays of the sun. Therefore, by reading the following post, you will know how to get fair skin naturally

Scrub lemon daily

If you want to know how to become fair, then all you have to do is start with the practice of scrubbing half lemon daily on your face as it helps in lighting the skin tone of yours. You will start seeing the results right from the first day itself since lemon proves to be an excellent bleaching agent which removes the blemishes of the face and makes the skin glow as well.

Squeeze potato juice

One of the home remedies for fair skin is to apply the potato juice (by squeezing it of course) on your face. Your skin will start witnessing marked difference as well.

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Apply mashed tomato pulp

If you want to ask how to become fair naturally, then I will suggest you to apply the paste of mashed tomato pulp on your face as it help in giving a pinkish glow to your face, besides of course making your skin quite fair as well. If your skin is oily and you are quite fed up due to the same, then better not worry since it equally helps in curbing and I should say absorbing excess oil of the face by treating the open pores of your face as well. Isn’t it great?

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Mix lemon juice and skin in equal quantity

If you want to ask me how to get fair in 10 days, then I will suggest you to mix lemon juice as well as honey in equal quantity and no sooner that you apply it on your skin, you will start to experience a fair and glowing skin as well.

Apply egg white

We all know the immense importance and utility of egg white in making fair skin and now the time has come when you can equally get fair skin with the same. You should be habitual of applying egg white on skin twice a week and you will start seeing the pleasant difference yourself. Selection of food also matters in speeding up the process of having fair skin along with giving perfect figure.

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Use saffron in uncooked milk and apply

Ok I am giving you another great tip which helps you to get fair skin in just 7 days. Yes you heard it right. You just need to clean your face with uncooked milk (raw milk) by mixing it with saffron. You need to use cotton pad in order to apply the same on your skin and as you adopt the same procedure on daily basis, it is no wonder that you will start seeing difference in as early as 7 days.

Apply curd with tomato

Another one of the 10 simple home remedies to get fairer complexion in two weeks is to apply the paste of curb with tomato. After been away throughout the day in dirt, sun and heavy wind, now you can apply the same just before going to bed on daily basis. This will help you to give a clearer, fairer as well as mind-blowing skin within no time. Stress is also a culprit which hinders the process of getting fair skin since if we are too much stressed on periodical basis, then we automatically develop dark circles.

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Use curd with honey

If you want to ask me as to how to get fairer skin in 15 days, then I will suggest you to use curd with honey as it helps in making the skin light and you will naturally feel proud of attaining fair skin as well. Isn’t it great?

Apply malai with curd

Amongst the other home remedy which works in giving the fairer skin is to make the past of malai with curb and apply on your face. This is an exercise which helps you to give fairer as well as glowing skin, like the way you have always wanted.

Use sandalwood paste with almond oil

Use sandalwood paste with almond oil in order to get fair skin as this is another one of the fair skin secrets to get glowing skin like never before.

Finally, aforesaid are the 10 essential homemade beauty tips for fair skin. Since, these homemade tips for fair skin will make you jump with joy as besides being cost effective, they are equally to be followed. The best thing is that you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule to get fair skin. You don’t have to pay whopping sum of money as the form of charge to the beauty parlors. The post equally addresses the basic question to the men folks if they ever ask me as to how to get fair skin for men. So, start following them and change your life for the better through the same. So, what are you waiting for?

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benefits of yoga

In our quest of attaining a prized health, we do overlook the importance of yoga. However, little do we realize that there are various benefits of yoga since it is quite an effective exercise where you will start witnessing a pleasant change the moment you start practicing this wonderful exercise. So, if you thought that yoga isn’t an effective exercise, then read the following post. Since, I am coming up with top 10 benefits of yoga and meditation. Hence, it will help you to recheck the thoughts of yours since all it matters to live a healthy life is to maintain your heath and thanks to the benefits of the yoga asanas, you are surely going to get the answer to the basic, relevant and persistent question of yours, “How yoga changes your body”.

Your mind is calmer and you get better sleep

One of the top 10 benefits of yoga exercise is that it helps your mind to stay. Hence, you naturally feel peaceful from inside as well. As you know that yoga is all about learning the breathing techniques which is a sure cut way of helping you to relax as it simply creates a far pleasant change in yourself.

Enhance posture

Yoga is meant for every body and unlike those heavy exercises which we normally do in gym, the exercises related with yoga can easily be done by women and children. Hence, one of the benefits of yoga for kids as well as elders is that it enhances as well as improves our posture. Since, while we do yoga, we are told to straighten our backs and shoulders and this is where we automatically get in the habit of doing the same over a period of time. Hence, now, if we have been going with drooped shoulders, yoga gives a new lease of life which can’t be expressed in mere words. Isn’t it?

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Relief from the stress

Amongst the top 10 benefits of yoga is that yoga checks on the level of stress which you are engulfed in as it makes our mind calmer and we feel peaceful from within as well.

Enhances breathing

Are you an unfortunate few who has been suffering with asthma or panic attacks? If yes, then due to top 10 yoga styles, you will find marked improvements when you start practicising breathing exercises of yoga. It will help you to keep a drastic check on the breathing problems.

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Strengthens your immune system

Amongst the other benefits of yoga you should know about is that it boosts your immune system. After all, if your body is able to balance your immune system, then you are able to balance your nervous system. Hence, in this way, it assists in working at its optimum level. Isn’t it great?

Checks on your weight

We have been surrounded with burgeoning weight and we want to keep ourselves fit and fine. Isn’t it? Although, weight gain is the problem which can’t be described on the basis of gender, but it is comparably more amongst women. Therefore, amongst the other top 10 benefits of yoga for women as well as men folks is that it keeps a check on the rising body weight. Since, the exercises which we do while performing yoga ensures that your body weight is in check so that you can live a normal life away from diseases. Isn’t it great?

Makes your mind stronger

Amongst the top 10 benefits of yoga for kids is that it helps in improving memory as well as concentration. There have been various studies which are done of late and they point to the fact that yoga helps in treating Alzheimers as well.

Your back pain goes away with the wind

Who can deny the top 10 health benefits of yoga poses for healthy life since it cures back pain? Thanks to the yoga poses which we do, it automatically lengthens our back muscles. Since, our life style is as such where due to sitting for long hours, our back muscles become inactive. Hence, if you have been having the issue of back problem, then better doesn’t worry, since yoga helps in treating the same. Isn’t it great?

Builds muscles

If you thought that you can only build your arm by going to the gym and working on those heavy machines, then you are wrong. Amongst the other top 10 health benefits of yoga poses for healthy life is that thanks to various yoga poses, it helps in balancing the arms while you practice lifting your body weight etc.

Strengthen bones

I gave many reasons of how yoga improves health. But still, you can know more by watching the top 10 yoga videos since by doing yoga, you will be able to strengthen your skeleton and in this way you make your bones even stronger than even before.

Finally, aforesaid are the benefits of yoga you should know about. As they will help in instilling happiness and rejuvenation since according to a saying, “healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and if you are healthy from within, then you will be able to lead a life of dignity and respect as well.

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I am writing the following sentences to start with the word

“I love it when”

  1. he shows respect towards me
  2. everybody listens to me
  3. there are no haters
  4. poor are fed infront of my eyes
  5. everyone is nice to me
  6. you show care to me
  7. there is a transparent procedure maintained in recruitment by the concerned departments
  8. they don’t make fun of me
  9. you start talking to me
  10. my mother cooks delicious food

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  1. they have their best strategies to plan for my upcoming holiday session
  2. you have every beautiful thing to say to me
  3. they have stopped backbiting
  4. my children kiss me
  5. my father gives pocket money everyday
  6. poor are fed by rich
  7. you are the one who understands me
  8. my hubby calls me every evening
  9. my wife cooks my favorite dish
  10. my parents bestow love and affection to me

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  1. they give scant regard to the allegations of others
  2. the whole world thinks me to be a sweet person
  3. my exams are delayed for another week
  4. the incessant rains declare school holiday
  5. I get the prize of my hardwork
  6. my hubby stands with me, no matter what
  7. people recognize my skills
  8. I get my share of success through increment
  9. There is no bitter news about the suferings in the world on anyday
  10. she is the one to call me first on my birthday

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  1. I get the instant message from my wife who is out in her hometown
  2. my parents easily agree to my demand
  3. I have my favorite chocolate
  4. Nobody interuppts me from plying my favorite game
  5. My friends respect me truly as they believe me
  6. The whole words seems to be beautiful with all the nicest people
  7. There is no poverty or hatred left in the world
  8. I have been the obvious choice for my parents to go to picnic
  9. No body has anything to say bad behind my back
  10. Promises are kept

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  1. People around the globe live a happy life
  2. Everyone is simply so sweet to me
  3. People praise me behind their back
  4. Victims get the justice
  5. Accuse get behind the bars
  6. Concerned authorities do their job by hearing the concerns of victims
  7. People may not be rich, but they have big heart and are equally ready to help others
  8. Everyone is ready to learn from their mistakes
  9. Seniors love their juniors while they get respect in return too
  10. The world greets everybody on the account of festivals

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  1. Different religions co-exist
  2. People may be rich, but they still have big heart where they show their concern for downtrodden
  3. The examples of humanity enforce the fact that the world is still beautiful
  4. The crime has fallen to an all time low
  5. I watch comedy shows as this is my hobby
  6. People distribute water in a hot summer day
  7. Auto drivers return the lost baggage of their clients
  8. I attend marriage parties of my friends
  9. My parents are happy
  10. My friends give moral support to me especially when I am down

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    1. People run to help elders on road
    2. Justice is not actually delayed
    3. We as people give birth to a safe and secured society

In order to know more of such ways and to polish English like a pro, refer the book







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Introduce yourself


Tell your name.


Your Qualification

Just tell about your latest qualification

For example, if your highest qualification is Masters in Business Administration, then you should say

“I have done M.B.A in Marketing (or your specific stream)


(You don’t have to narrate the whole Bio-Data, since that you would have already given as a hard-copy)



Your Hobbies


It is important to tell about those specific hobbies which actually match the job you are applying for. Yes, it is important.


For example, if you are applying for the job of SALES, then your preferred hobby should be

 “Conversing with people”


You need to mention that you are extrovert and communicating with people is the best time pass

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X (name of company)                                                                                                             Your name
Address                                                                                                                                       Address
City                                                                                                                                               Date

Subject (Enquiring about the vacancy in your esteemed company)


This is X (your full name). I am a graduate (your qualification) and your year of pass-out

For example,

This is Adil Khan and I am a post graduate. I have done MBA from Galgotia University in marketing in 2016.

(Change the para)

(Now write about why you are writing the letter and how you have performed)

This letter is with regards to enquiring about any vacancy with regards to my caliber. My performance has been impeccable as I have passed my P.G with 95 percentile.

As an extrovert, I always find it passionate while gelling with people and my specific reason for choosing marketing (subject) was based on the same too. Considering your reputed company, I am sure there are regular vacancies which do come up time and again.

(Why do you think you are fit for the job?)

My years of experience and oozing confidence and my in-depth- talent will prove to be an asset to the company.  It will be my honor and privilege to get a chance as I will love to work under the able- guidance of experienced and dedicated faculty to gain necessary experience required for taking your esteemed company to heights.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Adil Khan

(Your qualification)

(Your number)


(Your signature)

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How to speak English

Do you know that just by taking out 15 minutes from your schedule, you can actually help you get a sense of how to move forward with regards to improving your English?

Are you very serious to improve your English now?

Aren’t you getting a high-paying job just because you don’t know English well?

If yes, has been the answer to all the queries above, then you are at the right place.

Now, take out atleast 15 minutes to read the following post about how you can actually start to speak and write in English and pass banking exam successfully

Yes, by the time, you will read the post, your basics will be clear to a great extent, provided that you show seriousness.

English is important in any field. So, if you are the masters in it, then potentially you can reach the zenith earlier, as compared to others. Therefore, it is important to polish skills.

In the following article, I am sharing my experiences of how I mastered over this language in a full fledged way along with giving easy and practical steps which will help English Learners massively.

My passion for enhancing English skills grew from my childhood days as I was in early years of my schooling. Till I was in class 6th, my English was not even upto the mark then. I used to get punishment from teachers as well as parents for failing to get requisite marks in any subject and English was not an exception.

Although, I was able to understand to what others used to speak, yet I couldn’t communicate with them in English and I believe that most of us face such predicament. Isn’t it?

You might not believe that it was the reality that I used to bring all the English dailies in the morning such as “Times of India”, “Hindustan Times”, “Pioneer” for polishing my English. Of all the newspapers, what I found in “Pioneer” was that, it offers comparably easy use of words. Therefore, initially, I would recommend this newspaper for those who want to learn skills of English. Because, when I say easy use of words, I mean as compared to other English dailies.

However, soon I got counseling from one of my uncles who equally happened to be a HOD in a University. He is a really nice man. I must say. He gave me enough reasons to polish my English, since all other subjects are primarily based on English as well and later on even a high paying professional life is based on good grasp of English language. So, if I will improve my English, I can equally be able to have a better control over other subjects too which can equally help me get the job of my dream. That was the day which proved to be a change for me.


He suggested me to purchase the following book namely Edutree – Let us Learn English


I am telling from my own personal experience that the difference which I found with the book has been awesome and due to polishing my English further, I got confidence and enrolled myself for a mass communication course in Lucknow University after passing with high grades in 10+2 and soon started working for a newspaper namely Hindustan Times. You can also check out my published article down below (with my name)

The best professionally viable difference was that I continue to get my articles published. You can check my other post published in Hindustan Times below

Years before, the book was doing its work. Yes, you guessed it right that it started to help me know the most impeccable English right from basics. Yes, it was something which I couldn’t even think of otherwise. I started getting my concept clear with perfection. Yes, there wasn’t even an iota of doubt or confusion now. It has been years, still I know what I had learnt way back then and all of those awesome concepts and basic understanding is still fresh in my mind.

For example, I came to know many of the following things:-

How enthusiasm and happiness can be used. Lets find out.

I am enthusiasm or I am happiness (wrong)

I am an enthusiastic person (used as adjective) (or if we want to use the word “Enthusiasm” then we can say

I am full of enthusiasm (used as noun)

I am happy (used as noun)

I am full of happiness (used as adjective)

I can’t go in detail about whole grammar in the post though. But you can surely help yourself by purchasing the book Edutree Let us Learn English Grammar


The book was an eye opener for me and along with the same, I equally thanked my Uncle and persuaded him to continue to give guidance side-by-side and he obliged. My passion started growing when I started seeing the pleasant change.

When I used to read the English Grammar book, I made it a point of writing the words which I did not know the meaning of. That gave me enough reasons to strengthen my vocabulary as well. How can I miss watching English news channels? As I said that it became my passion, so I used to get enjoyment by watching news channels and I equally used to closely monitor the way certain words were pronounced. Since, that’s equally matter as well.

I made it a point to listen news by keeping “pen” and “piece of paper” handy, in order to jot down the difficult words. Although, considering flawless and speedy way the anchors speak English, I couldn’t get a grasp of certain words, yet that was only short lived, since I started getting familiar with the words.

How Edutree Let us Learn English Grammar continue to skyrocket my career . Let’s find out more :-

My uncle was equally upbeat since I used to make use of new words. He also advised me to stand in front of mirror in order to communicate with yourself by looking at your eyes. This was equally another pleasant change which I experienced. This exercise is a must, if you want to enhance your confidence. As you speak in such a fashion, it gives you enough boost towards working on your aim.

Months passed by and soon even my classmates started getting the feel of how passionate I am towards English. If they come across with any word in any subject, they used to ask me and thankfully I have the answer to most of them.

The kind of passion which I had for English can be gauged from the fact that I used to score the highest marks in English. Interestingly, when the teacher used to speak out marks of the subject, all the heads used to roll towards me in bewilderment.

The benefits which English had in my schooling days:-

  • Earlier, it became extremely difficult for me to mug up long answers, since my English was not even up to the mark. It was so poor that I couldn’t even comprehend as to what was written. Therefore, in the event when I forgot certain words, my whole answer becomes meanigless.
  • However, later on I started learning the whole essence and I was in a position to write answers in my own words, thus impressing my teacher as well.

For those who want to sharpen their English, there are list of things which one should follow (I am telling from my own experience)

  • Get English newspaper namely “Pioneer” and the paper can long last through a week. Since, you can’t read more than once side of a paper daily. Write down the meaning of the difficult words which you come across by goggling or referring dictionary what ever eases you.
  • Purchase the English Grammar book namely Edutree Let us Learn English Grammar
  • Make a habit of taking out time from 8:45 till 9:15 at night and listen to AIR (National Radio). You know why I am saying is that they air Hindi news in the first half and exactly English version of the same in the second half. It will help you too, like the way it helped me.
  • Communicate yourself in front of mirror
  • Listen to English news channels and have pen and paper ready to write down the English words.

This is my first post where I have told about a part of my experience. I am going to create another post to help you know about the immense benefits the English grammar book has made in my life.


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Let’s take a look as to how to create same sentence in two different ways:-

Before moving further, I have to give credits to the book namely Essential English Learners with Answers for creating a deep and thorough understanding about English. The book helped me realize, English isn’t difficult at all



I am excitedly waiting to hear the good news of my son’s success in exam

I am waiting in excitement to get the pleasant news of my son’s success in exam



He will be going to Paris next month

He is scheduled to go to Paris next month



How excited he is to hear the news of becoming a proud father

How jubilant he seems to become, on knowing that he attained fatherhood


They have gone to party before informing that they will return late at night

Before going to the party, they have told to return late at night


I have my birthday coming up next week

My birthday is scheduled for next week


I will throw a wonderful party as soon I arrive in U.S

I am scheduled to throw an awesome party, the moment I will land in U.S


He is expected to reach New York next hour

It is expected that he is going to reach New York, in an hour



I am not surprised to know that U.S is going to send relief items to Iraq

The news of U.S sending relief items to Iraq doesn’t surprise me


I have talked to him with the hope, that he will listen to me

I expect him to listen to me, so I called him



Following 2 sentences depict synonyms


I am happy, jubilant, excited, happy and energized

He is sad, depressed, unhappy, miserable, dejected and fed-up

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Uttar Pradesh is nearing Legislative assembly elections popularly known as Vidhan Sabha elections and every party is leaving no stone unturned towards wooing voters.

The government machinery is in full swing by ensuring that everybody gets there Aadhar Card made as soon as possible. Let’s not forget that this is a mechanism which has been going on for few years now and it is expected to bear its results for the people of Uttar Pradesh, by maintaining transparency in the whole system. Yes, thanks to the uniqueness of the Aadhar cards, even voter I.D cards will soon be linked, thus leaving no loophole arising out of double voting or similar instances which have occurred in the past.

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How to download for Aadhar card online?

If you want to check your Aadhar Card status or you want to do Aadhar data update (with regards to spelling change of name  or change your addresses

Go to the  for Adhaarcard download where you have to fill required information.

How Aadhar card is different?

Aadhar cards undergo the extensive and sure cut process of demographic and biometric de-duplication, which cross checks the concerned information during enrolment. Yes, it does so, with the current information (if any) provided in the database. An Aadhar card owner only has to enroll once or else his application is likely to be rejected.

Aadhar uses Biometric devices

So, what does it mean?

Well, these devices capture biometric data inputs such as i.e Fingerprint / Iris /both the information from Aadhaar number holders. Hence, such unique traits possessed by different people, every Aadhar card is unique and that there can’t be any discrepancies which can be done.

 How Aadhar will end loopholes now?

  • Let’s take a look at the possible fool-proof secure mechanisms which Aadhar card will indeed ensure towards maintaining transparency:-
  • Unlike Voted I.D cards, rations cards, there has been news in the past, that people readily make a new one after shifting to cities and this surely created problems in the past, considering the possibilities of poll rigging etc.
  • Those who have misplaced their Voter I.D cards get a new one only to find their lost ones, but they have never reported the lost cards to concerned authorities.

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There have been camps which have taken place at every area of the constituency in order to benefit local dwellers so that they can get Aadhar cards prepared.

In such a globalised world, where you can easily apply for any sort of booking online, now Government has also speeded up the process by giving the luxury for people to apple online thanks to the site namely

Through the above link, you can check your Aadhar Card status – Online.

Now, if you want to know the Aadhar Card status, then it is a child’s play for you to do the same.

This is the facility which is given by the Government and it is indeed benefitting voters who don’t have to stand in long queues. All they have to do is to know your application status and after login to the site you will be able to ascertain your exact position as well.


How to link Aadhar card to Voter I.D card?

For voter id link with aadhar card, you need to go go to the link and you will be directed with the relevant details.

It can be done in the following 2 ways”-


Through Web Portal

  • Click on
  • Click on “Search Your Name box” and fill the required fields such as your name, state, constituency
  • Upon seeing your details, click on the button “View” which is there on the extreme left of row

Now, fill your Aadhar Number and Name

If you want to get confirmation through mobile or email, then fill them to get periodical updates as well.

You can check aadhar card link to voter card online status

Through Your Mobile Phone

  • You just need to do SMS on the number 51969.
  • So, what you need to write?
  • Well, the following message you have to write in the exact format, which I am telling you
    • ECILINK <EPIC Number> <Aadhaar number>
    • e.g. ECILINK IJH3456780 123456789123
    • You will get confirmation SMS


Voting is the birth right

Voting is the birth right of every dutiful as well as concerned citizen in order to bring a potential change. Therefore, as you have applied for the Aadhar Card, you need to do Adhaarcard download and has linked Voted Id Card with Aadhar card, you will be permitted to vote. Yes, that means, as you have an authentic voter card which can only be proved as and when you have linked the same. Therefore, take an active part in getting Aadgar card made and link your Voter card with Aadhar card and change yourself for the better since you don’t want to repent later on for not being a change in changing the politics.

Hence, without any further delay, search for the voter card status 2017 by referring to the aforementioned government site where you will get complete information. Your name should in all probability be in the voter list. Increasing number of Indians are searching for their names and you should equally do the same on priority basis so that even you can proudly say later on, that you have played an active part in bringing a positive change in Indian politics. Isn’t it?

  • Similarly, if you have applied for Adhar card and want to check the status, you can equally check the Adhar card status through the same as well.
  • For those of you who have applied for pan card and haven’t received the same, they can equally check the pan card status by visiting the Government website.
  • One should have necessary documents which are laid down by the government since it is these documents which can help you at any time. So, login to the site and check the respective status within few clicks. Isn’t it great?

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Not forget to mention the first time voters whose enthusiasm can be worth seen since they are naturally quite upbeat about casting their franchise for the first time in their life. So, if you are going to vote for the first time, the many congrats. Let’s play our part towards building our future for the better.

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Date – 28th November, 2016,

Time – 4:00 pm

Bill Passed – Rajya Sabha

Monday (New Delhi)- In what termed to be as one of the most important steps taken by the government, it has actually given the way to the black money holders. Yes, continuing on the series of steps taken almost on daily basis since the announcement by the Prime Minister, there has been a fresh guideline which is issued by P.M.

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What is the name of the scheme under which notes banned of 500 and 1000 are done?

Pradhan Mantri Grab Kalyan Yojana 2016

Will I be asked the source of fund during declaration?

 Hasmukh Adhia who is the revenue secretary has made it clear, that during the disclosures of unaccounted wealth, there will be no queries to be asked from people with respect to the source of fund.

This has been a part of the bill which has been announced on 28th November, 2016, as it has been passed in Rajya Sabha. By the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitely

 So what are the guidelines?

 There will be a total tax, penalty and surcharge of 50 per cent on the whole amount which is deposited on the bank. Yes, the amount will be taken into account after the notes banned of 500 and 1000 were announced. Well, for those who haven’t still disclosed their amount, the government has issued a penalty which will be around 85%, in the event when they are caught.

Well, on top of that, another additional 10% penalty rests on the discretion of the assessing officer who may either levy it or not.

Well, this is certainly an additional penalty beyond the 50% penalty on the tax (which has been uptill now)

It is also made compulsory for the black money holders to deposit 25% of the total amount which has been disclosed as a way of anti-poverty scheme without interest with a 4 year lock-in period.

The people who are going to declare their hidden income after the notes banned of 500 and 1000 will have to pay a penalty in the form of 30% tax on the total income (which has been undisclosed). Along with the same, there will also be a 10% penalty on the undisclosed income along with the surcharge at the rate of 33 percent of tax. Here I would like to help you with an example like 33% will be constituted or based of 30% (33% of 30%)

Black Money holders to deposit 25% for nation’s development

Well, the scheme also entails the declarants to deposit 25 percent if the income which has been undisclosed uptill now, in a scheme which is going to be operated by the government in line with the R.B.I.
This is the money which will be used for the development and infrastructure of the country such as on health, education etc.

Well, the black money holders who in the event will be caught have to face certainly a very embarrassing situation where they will be coming under the provisions of the Income Tax law with a penalty of 60% with an additional of  25% surcharge of tax (amounting to 15%). Hence, considering these two penalties, the total amount is going to be 75%.

Point to be Noted

The income tax law regards “RETURNED INCOME” and “ASSESSED INCOME” differently

The Taxation Laws 2016 has got green signal to give harshest of the penalties for unaccounted investment, or for those credits, which the individual can’t explain. Same goes for the assets, investments which has been done etc.

Currently, as part of 60 percent tax penalty, there will be an additional rise in penalty with 30 per cent flat tax rate plus surcharge and cess. Hence, it amounts to total 75%. It is upto assessing office to levy an additional tax penalty thereby making it even higher at 85%

 Hasmukh Adhia who is revenue secretary is of the view that such strict norms were quite necessary in the event of people holding black money.

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How to publish an ebook

These days the craze of self publishing has become way higher since it gives you the authority, charisma, self confidence and most importantly name, fame and money since increasing numbers of people world over start knowing you as well. Hence, if you want to know how to publish a book, then I will say that it is very easy. You just need to read the following post in order to accomplish the answer to the same as well:-

Following are the ways of how to publish a book online:-

Writing takes hell lot of time and you need to be mentally prepared from before. Since, you have to allot specific number of hours on daily basis in order to come to the level where you can make a name for yourself. Hence, the first steps towards how to publish a novel is to allot a specific time where you are at your creative best. There are writers who like to get up early and work while others usually prefer to work at late at night. Ask yourself what’s the best time when you are at your productive best.

Read, read and read yes this is the only mantra for keeping the flow of words and to keep yourself abreast with the creative world.

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How much does it cost?

If you want to know how much does it cost to publish a book, then I will say that when it comes to publishing a self book then the rates are minimal. After all, self publishing comes with a list of added features which will simply gives you never ending reasons to enjoy to the fullest. The cost of self publishing becomes quite lower and it in itself is something which is indeed a great thing as well. Self publishing also helps you to market your book at a far easy and effective manner like the way you really want.

Compare the cost

Another way to self publish your own book is to compare the cost by ascertaining the charge which you have to shell in case you want to publish your own book, in terms of cover, editing as well as formatting. In all probability you will find out the cost to self publish is much lower.

Proofread your book

With regards to how to publish a book, you need to proofread it and also invite the feedbacks from people as to what they have to say. This will help you to remove discrepancies if any. In case, if you feel that proofreading isn’t a cup of tea or you feel that it should be done by a professionalized person, then don’t shy away from hiring a proofreader who will assist you out as well. Proofreading require you to be the best with your English. Since, this international language is the most important thing which make you self sufficient towards proofreading in a professionalized manner.

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The title should be catchy

One of the ways to sway the minds of people is to create a catchy title which will help in attracting people to your book. Similarly, the design of cover is also an important criteria and it has to be top notch. Needless to say that it is indeed quite a prominently visible part of the book and hence it should be designed in a sophisticated manner as well.

Make use of the copyright language

One of the best answers which I need to tell here with regards to the basic question how to publish a book yourself is to make use of copyright language in your self published book. You can take reference from self publishing sites who will assist you out with the same. You need to also visit the mandatory government site in order to fulfill the copyright norms by filling out the form.

Publish your e-book through a website

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As you self publish the book through a website, you don’t incur much of the cost unlike in publishing the book. You can choose any e-book publisher in order to publish the same. One of the things I would like to mention here that it is advisable for you not to give rights to publishers as you should keep all your rights with yourself.

The disadvantage of publishing through a website includes that you will be solely responsible for marketing as well as advertising and considering the percentage of profit which you get, you have to sell lots of books in order to earn profit.

Set up the account

After coming in terms with the online publishers, you are required to set up the account with the program. As part of necessary steps, you will be uploading the book along with managing all the requisite details.

Upload your finished book

Now as you are done, you can upload your finished book after finishing the categories. You can get your book printed as well as now you can be considered as the published author.

Finally, aforesaid are the ways of how to publish a book. These are best methods which will help you to get the requisite fame, like the way you want. So, start making plans for publishing a book and reap the fruits for the hardwork which you are going to do as well. So, what are you waiting for?

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