(Updated) How I polished my English skills and how you should too?

How to speak English

Do you know that just by taking out 15 minutes from your schedule, you can actually help you get a sense of how to move forward with regards to improving your English?

Are you very serious to improve your English now?

Aren’t you getting a high-paying job just because you don’t know English well?

If yes, has been the answer to all the queries above, then you are at the right place.

Now, take out atleast 15 minutes to read the following post about how you can actually start to speak and write in English and pass banking exam successfully

Yes, by the time, you will read the post, your basics will be clear to a great extent, provided that you show seriousness.

English is important in any field. So, if you are the masters in it, then potentially you can reach the zenith earlier, as compared to others. Therefore, it is important to polish skills.

In the following article, I am sharing my experiences of how I mastered over this language in a full fledged way along with giving easy and practical steps which will help English Learners massively.

My passion for enhancing English skills grew from my childhood days as I was in early years of my schooling. Till I was in class 6th, my English was not even upto the mark then. I used to get punishment from teachers as well as parents for failing to get requisite marks in any subject and English was not an exception.

Although, I was able to understand to what others used to speak, yet I couldn’t communicate with them in English and I believe that most of us face such predicament. Isn’t it?

You might not believe that it was the reality that I used to bring all the English dailies in the morning such as “Times of India”, “Hindustan Times”, “Pioneer” for polishing my English. Of all the newspapers, what I found in “Pioneer” was that, it offers comparably easy use of words. Therefore, initially, I would recommend this newspaper for those who want to learn skills of English. Because, when I say easy use of words, I mean as compared to other English dailies.

However, soon I got counseling from one of my uncles who equally happened to be a HOD in a University. He is a really nice man. I must say. He gave me enough reasons to polish my English, since all other subjects are primarily based on English as well and later on even a high paying professional life is based on good grasp of English language. So, if I will improve my English, I can equally be able to have a better control over other subjects too which can equally help me get the job of my dream. That was the day which proved to be a change for me.


He suggested me to purchase the following book namely Edutree – Let us Learn English

The book was an eye opener for me and along with the same, I equally thanked my Uncle and persuaded him to continue to give guidance side-by-side and he obliged. My passion started growing when I started seeing the pleasant change.

When I used to read the English Grammar book, I made it a point of writing the words which I did not know the meaning of. That gave me enough reasons to strengthen my vocabulary as well. How can I miss watching English news channels? As I said that it became my passion, so I used to get enjoyment by watching news channels and I equally used to closely monitor the way certain words were pronounced. Since, that’s equally matter as well.

I made it a point to listen news by keeping “pen” and “piece of paper” handy, in order to jot down the difficult words. Although, considering flawless and speedy way the anchors speak English, I couldn’t get a grasp of certain words, yet that was only short lived, since I started getting familiar with the words.

How Edutree Let us Learn English Grammar continue to skyrocket my career . Let’s find out more :-

My uncle was equally upbeat since I used to make use of new words. He also advised me to stand in front of mirror in order to communicate with yourself by looking at your eyes. This was equally another pleasant change which I experienced. This exercise is a must, if you want to enhance your confidence. As you speak in such a fashion, it gives you enough boost towards working on your aim.

Months passed by and soon even my classmates started getting the feel of how passionate I am towards English. If they come across with any word in any subject, they used to ask me and thankfully I have the answer to most of them.

The kind of passion which I had for English can be gauged from the fact that I used to score the highest marks in English. Interestingly, when the teacher used to speak out marks of the subject, all the heads used to roll towards me in bewilderment.

The benefits which English had in my schooling days:-

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