(Updated) How I polished my English skills and how you should too?

How to speak English

English is important in any field. So, if you are the masters in it, then potentially you can reach the zenith earlier, as compared to others. Therefore, it is important to polish skills.

In the following article, I am sharing my experiences of how I mastered over this language in a full fledged way along with giving easy and practical steps which will help bloggers towards polishing the same as well.

My passion for enhancing English skills grew from my childhood days as I was in early years of my schooling. Till I was in class 6th, my English was not even upto the mark then. I used to get punishment from teachers as well as parents for failing to get requisite marks in any subject and English was not an exception.

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However, soon I got counseling from one of my uncles who equally happened to be a HOD in Government Polytechnic. He is a really nice man. I must say. He gave me enough reasons to polish my English, since all other subjects are primarily based on English as well. So, if I will improve my English, I can equally be able to have a better control over other subjects too. That was the day which proved to be a change for me.

Although, I was able to understand to what others used to speak, yet I couldn’t communicate with them in English and I believe that most of us face such predicament. Isn’t it?

You might not believe that it was the reality that I used to bring all the English dailies in the morning such as “Times of India”, “Hindustan Times”, “Pioneer” and the list goes on and on.

I am telling from my own personal experience that the difference which I found in these English newspapers is that “Pioneer” offers comparably easy use of words. Therefore, initially, I would recommend this newspaper for those who want to learn skills of English.  Because, when I say easy use of words, I mean as compared to other English dailies.

I used to closely monitor the words which my teachers use. More so, when it comes to English subject, I used to learn a lot many words. I still remember that I learnt the word “Enthusiasm” and the way it should be used.

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If you though that by learning words, you can use them also, then you are wrong. Since, you have to use them at their appropriate place at their appropriate form.  For example,

How enthusiasm and happiness can be used. Lets find out.

I am enthusiasm or I am happiness (wrong)

I am an enthusiastic person (used as adjective) (or if we want to use the word “Enthusiasm” then we can say

I am full of enthusiasm (used as noun)

I am happy (used as noun)

I am full of happiness (used as adjective)

I can’t go in detail about whole grammar in the post though. But can help you out, if you have any queries.

I equally persuaded my uncle to give tuitions to me of English and he obliged. He made it a point of giving an “Essays” and “Letters” to write on daily basis which I have to complete anyhow and show to him the next evening. My passion started growing when I started seeing the pleasant change.

When I used to read newspapers, I made it a point of writing the words which I did not know the meaning of. That gave me enough reasons to strengthen my vocabulary as well.  How can I miss watching English news channels? As I said that it became my passion, so I used to get enjoyment by watching news channels and I equally used to closely monitor the way certain words were pronounced. Since, that’s equally matter as well.

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I made it a point to listen news with a pen and piece of paper in order to jot down the difficult words. Although, considering flawless and speedy way the anchors speak English, I couldn’t get a grasp of certain words, yet that was only short lived, since I started getting familiar with the words.

Soon in a matter of months, I started finding a pleasant change. My uncle was equally upbeat since I used to make use of new words. He also advised me to stand in front of mirror in order to communicate with yourself by looking at your eyes. This was equally another pleasant change which I experienced. This exercise is a must, if you want to enhance your confidence since as you speak through such fashion, it gives you enough boost towards working on your aim.

Months passed by and soon even my classmates started getting the feel of how passionate I am towards English. If they come across with any word in any subject, they used to ask me and thankfully I have the answer to most of them.

The kind of passion which I had for English can be gauged from the fact that I used to score the highest marks in English. Interestingly, when the teacher used to speak out marks of the subject, all the heads used to roll towards me in bewilderment.

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The benefits which English had in my schooling days:-

  • Earlier, it became extremely difficult for me to mug up long answers, since my English was not even up to the mark. It was so poor that I couldn’t even comprehend as to what was written. Therefore, in the event when I forgot certain words, my whole answer looses its meaning.
  • However, later on I started learning the whole essence and I was in a position to write answers in my own words, thus impressing my teacher as well. The whole process hardly used to take any time as it became easy for me.

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For those who want to sharpen their English, there are list of things which one should follow (I am telling from my own experience)

  • Get English newspaper namely “Pioneer” and the paper can long last through a week. Since, you can’t read more than once side of a paper daily. Write down the meaning of the difficult words which you come across by goggling or referring dictionary what ever eases you.
  • Make a habit of taking out time from 8:45 till 9:15 at night and listen to AIR (National Radio). You know why I am saying is that they air Hindi news in the first half and exactly English version of the same in the second half. It will help you too, like the way it helped me.
  • Communicate yourself in front of mirror
  • Listen to English news channels and have pen and paper ready to write down the English words.

To the best of my knowledge, that’s sums up my entire experiences which I have used towards sharpening my skills.

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Therefore, I have shared to what I feel in the post along with the steps to guide yourself as well. This will help you in your aim. In case you want to ask any thing, I am saying again, I am there.

Now as a full-fledged blogger, English is indeed helping me immensely by getting good projects. The kind of motivation and satisfaction which I see in my clients further proves the fact that “Hard work never goes waste”. Isn’t it?

Hope the post helps many of us and so does this book which let’s you polish your basic English further.


Do comment with your suggestions if you want more of such posts.


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