How I polished my English Skills- Forth post

English grammar in use

Thanks for showing your overwhelming response in my earlier posts as I am writing the forth post where I will be telling more ways to help you out in sharpening your English skills.

Let’s take a look at the ways by which we can polish our English further.

In English, we would have often use the word “Come” and “return” and all of us know their meaning as well. However, when it comes to their proper usage of words, we often make the most prominent mistake.

For example,

We often say that

We have come from office or school.  (Wrong)

The correct form should be

We have returned from office or school (right)

The basic different which lies between “come” and return”:-

We use the word “return” where we had already gone to a place and that we are returning from there.

While on the other hand, the word “come” is used when none such an action takes place.
For example, we can say

My friend will come to house on my birthday (correct)

Here, if we use the word “return” for them, then it is going to be wrong


My friend will return to my house on birthday. (Wrong)

Hope, you have got the basic difference from the two words “come” and “return”

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 One of the books namely Oxford Learner’s Pocket – Verbs and Tenses is quite useful for those who are desirous of knowing their mistakes and loopholes in English grammar. It is indeed a must have for people eyeing towards knowing their mistakes.

Let’s take a look at the other mistakes which we often tend to do.

We often compliment something or the other if we felt good. However, rarely do we use the most importance word during such times,

For example, we shouldn’t say that

The food is good (wrong)

The food is tasty, sumptuous, mouthwatering or delicious (You can use any one amongst these four for food)


We shouldn’t say

The match was good (wrong)

The correct form is

The match was interesting, electrifying etc.

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Similarly, if we want to compliment any girl, we use “beautiful” while for boys we use “handsome”.

These are some of small things which matters a lot in the long run.

Apart from these, one of the other things which you need to start preparing yourself is about Active and Passive Voice

In the world of blogging, there are so many cases when we do not know the proper way to say a thing. In such cases we can make the use of Passive voice.


For example

The lion killed the dear (Active Voice)

The dear is killed by the lion (Passive Voice)

As a blogger cum writer, if you are told to re-write a certain paragraph, then you can easily make the best use of this knowledge.


My experience

One of my other experiences which I am sharing in the post relates to the time when I was in class 3rd.  I still remember that the teacher asked me about my hobbies and I said “Computer”. She corrected me by saying that it should be

“I love playing on computer”


“I love working on computer”

Similarly, those who love music, when being asked about their hobbies, they should say that they “love listening music”.

Same goes with other hobbies as well.

I am going to further furnish more knowledgeable posts, which will make your journey of writing as well as speaking English easy like never before.

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