How to polish English skills – Second Post

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This is the second post where I will be telling more ways to further polish your English skills. After all, as a blogger you can’t be a master in few days. It requires continuous hard work and this is the reason why I am writing the post in order to help you further so that you can start writing content for your own blogs rather than hiring writers. Not only you will help yourself in writing with the highest precision (in a matter of few months), but it will equally save your hard earned money as well.

This post is all about emphasizing on the importance of increasing your vocabulary. Since, it is directly related with polishing your Grammar. I found the book New Learner’s English very useful and promising for those who are desirous of polishing their English further.

Try to learn one new word on daily basis and most importantly introspect like the way it is used in the sentence.
The irony is, most of us only emphasize on the need to learn a new word, but I am telling from our own personal experience that it is equally important to refer dictionary and closely look at the way the specific word is used in the sentence.

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Hence, besides learning the new word, you will equally know the way to use it in your sentence.

It is important to learn synonymous (words which hold the same meaning). You know why I am saying this is while writing content, you shouldn’t use the same word again and again since it will distract your readers and they will not come again to read it.


For example while writing content if I have to use the word “sad” again and again, I will rather not repeat it. Since, I know there are so many words which I can use in its place.

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For example,

  1. I am sad

It can be done written in another way such as

  • I am depressed
  • I am feeling low
  • I am a bit disturbed
  • I am not feeling good

I am giving another example which will equally help you understand in a better way as well:-

  1. I hate lazy people
  • It can be done written in another way such as
  • I don’t like people who are lazy
  • I don’t like people who don’t do any thing

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There are so many ways I can compensate this word while expressing my state of mind to the readers. Hence, readers can equally maintain their interest.

There are so many words and I have done my level best to enhance the vocabulary. I can convey my expressions in various words without facing any sort of problem in the process.

As I have mentioned in the previous post, I am again emphasizing on the basic fact that I just made it a point towards reading newspapers and making sure that I grasp new words. Again I am emphasizing over the fact that I am extremely careful while using different words.

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