How to write same sentence in different ways

Let’s take a look as to how to create same sentence in two different ways:-

Before moving further, I have to give credits to the book namely Essential English Learners with Answers for creating a deep and thorough understanding about English. The book helped me realize, English isn’t difficult at all



I am excitedly waiting to hear the good news of my son’s success in exam

I am waiting in excitement to get the pleasant news of my son’s success in exam



He will be going to Paris next month

He is scheduled to go to Paris next month



How excited he is to hear the news of becoming a proud father

How jubilant he seems to become, on knowing that he attained fatherhood


I have talked to him with the hope, that he will listen to me

I expect him to listen to me, so I called him



Following 2 sentences depict synonyms


I am happy, jubilant, excited, happy and energized

He is sad, depressed, unhappy, miserable, dejected and fed-up

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