10 Benefits of Having a Facebook Fan Page Over A Personal Profile


Has it ever happened that the moment you clicked on the Facebook link, you automatically got directed to the personal page of the individual? If yes, then the feeling to get accepted in order to see their content can’t cause more inconvenience than this for sure. Hence, it entails one more step especially at the time when you least accepted it.

Therefore the following article helps you towards knowing the reasons to attach a Fan Page to your business.

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No limits of friends

Personal profile page can have maximum 5,000 friends, while there is no limit in Fan page. Therefore, the more the better. Hence, you are able to get much needed exposure which you dearly need as well.

You can have privacy in your personal life

You do not want your personal life to be exposed. Isn’t it? Secondly, you do not want your friends and relatives to constantly see business updates. Therefore, control the privacy settings on your personal page and optimize publicity for your Fan Page.

Not have the option to access Facebook insights with personal page

You can’t access Facebook insight with the personal page of yours. Only FanPage can help you with getting the detailed knowledge about the prospective customer, their places of origin, the timing when they are online along with their likes and dislikes. You can get such information through rows and columns of information through FanPage only.

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Newsfeed Marketing

Newsfeed Marketing is extremely important. Since, the updates will be visible on the newsfeeds of your fans. The interaction which you have about your posts can easily be seen on the friend’s newsfeeds. Therefore, you have the prospect of gaining new fans as well.

Search Engine Results

Facebook Fan Pages are indexed and therefore, the public content is equally indexed too. Hence, your popularity on the search engine is going to show up thus boosting your business.

Tagging your Brand

Any body can tag you on the Fan Page unlike only friends can do the same in the persona page. Therefore, it brings a pleasant change where getting tagged will bring a pleasant change.

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Facebook Offers

By running Facebook offers, you can increase your chance of promoting deals and spreading them even further. As both fans as well as non-fans can be eligible to participate. You cannot get the facility in personal profile of yours.

Resort to comment from the point of your brand

You can officially like pages to your Fan page along with commenting on the posts as well. Thereby, you can enhance the exposure of your brand by initiating much needed conversations with the new audience of yours. Great, isn’t it?

Having the ability to assign Admin Roles

You can make any body Admin and assign the roles. If you want others to manage the account then make them “Content Creators” or “Moderators”. The best thing is that, they can’t have any access to the data of your business, in the event when they are not in good terms with you.

Business Relevant Information

As you make a page, you are able to systematically represent like the way you want in terms of having a category, products, awards, mission statement along with a Founded date. Therefore, a customer can also get useful insights like the way he wanted. Great, isn’t it?

Finally, aforesaid are the 10 benefits of having a Fan Page over a personal page on Facebook. The move gains even greater significance especially in the wake of the fact that Facebook has been aggressive towards reprimanding personal Facebook profiles who are using for their business. Therefore, it is important to covert them into business page in order to avoid the risk of getting deleted.

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