Can we say, “I am into coffee?”: Ans req by Sanjib Sahoo

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Sanjib Sahoo has asked the following query:-

Can we write following sentences?
Please explain it

1. I am into coffee.
2. Are you into Facebook chatting?
3. Are you into talking to any person?

we can write.

Here, is the explanation

“INTO” means interest, passion or enthusiasm

It means, that we use “into” signifying an intense liking, interest of having strong interest for things.

I will help you with the following examples:-

He is into gadgets
They are into coding
She is into coffee
Are you into Facebook chatting?
I am into contemporary music
He is into marketing
You are into designing various captivating art
Although, he was a doctor, but he soon drifted into politics

As you can see that in the above examples, one thing is common which is interest,liking or passion.
So, whenever you are supposed to describe about these traits, then you can easily use “INTO”

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