Where to use Should. Could, Would: Ans req by Luke and Sahil

Luke Silungwe and Sahil Ansari who are active members of English Teacher group, have asked me the following query

Where should we use “Should”, “Could” and “Would”?

Are you finding it difficult to differentiate between
Should, Could and Would?

If yes, then the post will help you extensively


In all the following examples, we are giving suggestion. So, we are using, “Should”


For example,

  • You should visit doctor as you are ill
  • He should go to school now, as rains have stopped
  • You should cover your ears, as it is cold outside
  • She should drink the juice as doctor has advised him to
  • He shouldn’t play outside, as the ground is slippery due to overnight




Could – Used for Capabilities

Things which you used to do in the past, but not any more now

When I was younger, I could walk for an hour, but not now

He could’t call me yesterday, as the signals were weak

The train couldn’t reach the station on time, as the weather was not clear

The patient couldn’t stand for more than a minute, as he was too weak

The interviewee could easily pass all the rounds last month, as he was thoroughly prepared




Would – Used for making POLITE OFFERS

For example,

  • Would you hold the cup for me ?
  • Would you like to accompany us for lunch tomorrow?
  • Would you like to take a picture of us?
  • Would you like to spend this weekend in park?
  • Would you like to play the game ?




Would – Refer to hypothetical situations. In other, words, we use”would” for “un-real” situations

For example,

  • If people are kind at heart, then we wouldn’t see so many problems in the country
  • If I become the leader, I would do various noteworthy changes
  • If political parties are honest, then the country would become very progressive


Important thing to know

Never use “TO” after could, should and would

For ex.

You shouldn’t to sleep right now (wrong)

You shouldn’t sleep right now (correct)

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