5 ways to clean your social media image before you apply for a job



Do you know that your unprofessional social media profile can actually finish your job prospect?

Do you know that potential recruiters secretly search for your actual “self” before they actually hire you in their reputed companies?

Yes, as a professional recruiter myself, I have to admit the same.

Don’t wait and read the below post:-

Every year, millions of students pass from their respective colleges and there goes the hunt for getting the most suited job according to their qualifications. However, in the process little do they realize about their social media profile which can become the base for their recruiters to get a hold of the different personality, beyond the boundaries of their resume. Hence, it is going to act as a death knell even before you were supposed to make a priceless first impression. Even, if you are already placed in the job, it wont make much of a difference for the recruiters to “fire you”. Since, there are companies who are on the look out for the slightest excuse so that they can eliminate you and this practice of yours can become the perfect base for them to even sue you as well. Since, social media sites such as Facebook, has become quite a prominent medium to be searched online, your identity can easily be revealed by your professional recruiters while doing home-work. Therefore, it is important for me to tell you about Things Your Business Should Never Do On FaceBook

Even if you a drinker, yet you do not want you employers to find out the same. Isn’t it? Therefore, make no mistake of posting such pictures. Hence, review your profile pictures along with the tagged photos to be at a safer side. If you have a clean image online, you will be regarded as a professional and believe it or not, that even your Weaknesses can actually land you a  job. Here’s how 

Enhance your public profile by posting a professional picture

Never like “questionable content” or else be ready to get embarrassed or even worse that it becomes the base for your employer to reject you. The smart way is to “like” the pages which are related with the position which you are applying for. Your public profile should speak volumes about your personality and it should be of a fun loving guy as well. Since, you want to be perceived in the same fashion as well.


Don’t show your negativity online

You cannot afford to air your negative things on social media sites. After all, your HR or your boss is going to find out the same. Hence, it is better to avoid showing your temperament and attitude. Therefore, do not indulge in backbiting or else it will act as a death knell for you. Yes, as you are going to enter a professional arena, where your skills count. So, always market yourself in the most professionalised manner. Likewise, you should also be prepared for the answer –Why should we hire you – asked by the interviewer


Accept the friend request of your Boss

It is not advisable to maintain relations with the boss outside the Facebook, however,  you do not have any other option if your boss sends friend request to you. Therefore, you have to be over cautious with the dealings which you do in future in terms of the comments which you post. Remember, your profile isn’t secret anymore. Other than that, regrets are a part of human beings and believe it or not, while in the interview room, you will be asked What is your biggest regret and why? – Here’s the detailed answer

Don’t stir up controversy

It is better to keep yourself away from commenting on social as well as religious beliefs on Facebook and Twitter. Since, these sorts of posts can actually backfire you. The HR department will not think twice towards terminating you.

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Hence, while reading the aforesaid article, you can help yourself towards ensuring a clean image online. Therefore, from now on, you can effectively balance your social media as well as professional life in a highly sophisticated way. Life is all about enjoying to the fullest. Therefore, arm yourself with such valuable information and enjoy like never before as well. After all, even an appropriate interest or party photo is enough towards making you jobless once and for all. If you thought, that just by enabling privacy settings in your social media site, things are going to be smooth for you, think again. Since, your Facebook profile does not just represent yourself, it has the big world beyond you too. Therefore, you need to be at your best in front of every one, as it is the others who help towards creating your online image. Isn’t it?

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