{Updated} 6 ways you can make money from home without a computer

how to make moneyWho make money fast ?

If I were to ask you, how to make money online, chances are that you will come up with thousands of sites as the answers to the same. Since, there are so many sites which clearly and expressively deal with the ways to make money from home online. Likewise according to a saying, money saved is money earned so, if you act smart by booking 1500 jio phone also, then too you can happily save a lot of your hard-earned money. Yes, 1500 jio phone is free where your 1500 will be refunded after 2 years. Isn’t it great? Now, do you have any answer if I were to know from you, that how you can make money without a computer? Hence, in order to find the answer to the same, I am coming up with how to make money from home without investment, where you don’t use your computer as well-

I believe there are also many opportunities and ideas to make money from home. Hence, there is no dearth of ideas to make money from home. The subject is equally interesting. Therefore read further if you want to know how you can make money from home free:-

Ask yourself which area you specialize in and earn money through the same

You might be good in a certain subject or the other, or you would be specializing in certain skills like dancing, singing or you are be able to repair mobile phones. In short, you can earn money from home by making the use of such skills. For example, if you have been passionate about the field of accounting, or you are a great media consultant, then open an office right in your home and impart your services. Isn’t it great?

Make money through hobby of yours

If you have been passionate about collecting coins or clicking photographs etc then there are lucrative opportunities for you to earn money through the same from home without investment. Since, there is an immense demand from people who look for coins which dates back to various centuries and eras. Similarly, if the pictures, which you have clicked, narrate a story of its own and has the charisma, then it can equally fetch lots of money too.

Make money from home typing

There are also various number of jobs where you can make money from home typing. These are sort of data entry jobs where sky is the limit for you in your quest of making money from home offline.

So, how you can help others know about your specialization?

You can advertise people in the vicinity by giving ad in the local media. Importantly, these things usually spread like a wild fire through word to mouth publicity as well. Hence, in this way, you can make money at home.

If you have large space, then open a nursery

Another way to make money without a computer is to open a nursery, if you are gifted with a large space, provided that the area gets sufficient sun light. There are so many attractive flowers which attract hefty amount like rose, sunflower etc, so sow them and cement your finances in the process as well.

Sell old stuff

Another way to make extra money without using internet is to sell stuff which you don’t need. Usually, all of us have old clothes, books etc which we don’t need now. They can help you to earn money apart from relieving your place with space as well, since they usually occupy lots of space.

Make money taking surveys

Who can undermine the importance and relevance of surveys since they help to make money in the best possible manner. You are just required to fill out surveys and in this way, you will be able to make money through the same as well. Since, sky is the limit when it comes to free work from home opportunities.


Finally, now you can totally get to know that there is no shortage of jobs from home and you don’t need a computer for the same as well. Isn’t it great? Therefore, you necessarily don’t need to have knowledge of computer in order to earn money since opportunities galore even for those who don’t have computer or who don’t possess detailed knowledge about computers. Hence, now without waiting any further, you are free to start work at home jobs. Isn’t it great?

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  1. Bro… I am a chess enthusiast and play chess at least 50 games a day online. I certainly have dreams of chess and when I close my eyes I could see chess pieces and could play chess in my mind too.. how to earn from this passion? Could help me out please?

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