Dog follows her mistress mouth holding purse, Users say “The most Lovely Video”

Dogs are said to be the best companions of humans. It is not wrong to say that humans can cheat one another, but dogs can never cheat their owners. They only reciprocate love. Similar to this, a lovely video is viral on social media. Actually, a facebook user has shared a video of a dog who is following her mistress by holding her purse

Ada BERANI #RAGUT Kaaa???? 🤜🤜🤜

Posted by Nahur Bhai on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A girl exists a building and the dog follows her. He has artistically held the purse of her mistress on his mouth. The girl is ahead of him and that lovely dog is following her.  The video is shared by Nahur Bhai, and the location is ascertained to be that of Malaysia.

The popularity of this video is such an extent that more than 4000 people have shared it. Likewise, people are also commenting lovely messages below the video. The video is giving a positive message in such an age of hatred.

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