Easy steps on how to get fair skin naturally at home in 2 weeks

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Summers are in full swing and in such scorching days, we need to take extra precautions to preserve our skin and make it even fairer as well. After all, who doesn’t want to look fair and beautiful? We all love to. Isn’t it? Beauty is well appreciated and we all love to have fair skin as well. So what if you aren’t blessed with fair skin, yet you can derive easy steps on how to get fair even skin tone. My idea of writing the post is to tell you 10 essential homemade beauty tips for fair skin so that you don’t have to spend whopping sum of money outside by going to beauty parlors. After all, these are the easiest and cost effective skin tips to help you get fair skin. You can attain fair skin right by using the products which will in all probability be there in your kitchen. While going out, you should be habitual of applying sun screen since it protects the soft skin of your face and try to cover your face from the direct rays of the sun. Therefore, by reading the following post, you will know how to get fair skin naturally

Scrub lemon daily

If you want to know how to become fair, then all you have to do is start with the practice of scrubbing half lemon daily on your face as it helps in lighting the skin tone of yours. You will start seeing the results right from the first day itself since lemon proves to be an excellent bleaching agent which removes the blemishes of the face and makes the skin glow as well.

Squeeze potato juice

One of the home remedies for fair skin is to apply the potato juice (by squeezing it of course) on your face. Your skin will start witnessing marked difference as well.

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Apply mashed tomato pulp

If you want to ask how to become fair naturally, then I will suggest you to apply the paste of mashed tomato pulp on your face as it help in giving a pinkish glow to your face, besides of course making your skin quite fair as well. If your skin is oily and you are quite fed up due to the same, then better not worry since it equally helps in curbing and I should say absorbing excess oil of the face by treating the open pores of your face as well. Isn’t it great?

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Mix lemon juice and skin in equal quantity

If you want to ask me how to get fair in 10 days, then I will suggest you to mix lemon juice as well as honey in equal quantity and no sooner that you apply it on your skin, you will start to experience a fair and glowing skin as well.

Apply egg white

We all know the immense importance and utility of egg white in making fair skin and now the time has come when you can equally get fair skin with the same. You should be habitual of applying egg white on skin twice a week and you will start seeing the pleasant difference yourself. Selection of food also matters in speeding up the process of having fair skin along with giving perfect figure.

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Use saffron in uncooked milk and apply

Ok I am giving you another great tip which helps you to get fair skin in just 7 days. Yes you heard it right. You just need to clean your face with uncooked milk (raw milk) by mixing it with saffron. You need to use cotton pad in order to apply the same on your skin and as you adopt the same procedure on daily basis, it is no wonder that you will start seeing difference in as early as 7 days.

Apply curd with tomato

Another one of the 10 simple home remedies to get fairer complexion in two weeks is to apply the paste of curb with tomato. After been away throughout the day in dirt, sun and heavy wind, now you can apply the same just before going to bed on daily basis. This will help you to give a clearer, fairer as well as mind-blowing skin within no time. Stress is also a culprit which hinders the process of getting fair skin since if we are too much stressed on periodical basis, then we automatically develop dark circles.

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Use curd with honey

If you want to ask me as to how to get fairer skin in 15 days, then I will suggest you to use curd with honey as it helps in making the skin light and you will naturally feel proud of attaining fair skin as well. Isn’t it great?

Apply malai with curd

Amongst the other home remedy which works in giving the fairer skin is to make the past of malai with curb and apply on your face. This is an exercise which helps you to give fairer as well as glowing skin, like the way you have always wanted.

Use sandalwood paste with almond oil

Use sandalwood paste with almond oil in order to get fair skin as this is another one of the fair skin secrets to get glowing skin like never before.

Finally, aforesaid are the 10 essential homemade beauty tips for fair skin. Since, these homemade tips for fair skin will make you jump with joy as besides being cost effective, they are equally to be followed. The best thing is that you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule to get fair skin. You don’t have to pay whopping sum of money as the form of charge to the beauty parlors. The post equally addresses the basic question to the men folks if they ever ask me as to how to get fair skin for men. So, start following them and change your life for the better through the same. So, what are you waiting for?

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