How do toppers study and how I need to study too

Uptill now, we had the perception that if we study for atleast 8 or 10 hours, then only it will be calculated as a form of study

We even make time tables to achieve like “10 hours of aim” to study

Like 2 hours of studying English, then reasoning, analytics etc.

Yes, little do we realize that our mind can only study for 4 hours

Yes, after that, it tends to get swayed and gets tired.

For example, if we tend to get smell from kitchen

We at once get diverted.

Likewise, in the event of a door bell, we tend to run to door to open

Other than that, if our cell phones buzz, then we get diverted as well.

Likewise, on learning many new things, we tend to associate those new things with that old ones and on not finding any relation, we tend to lose the old ones.

So, the big query is to how to study?

Well, suppose the books which you are going to study, count the number of pages of the books

For example, if  the book has 2000 pages, then the semester you have got, comes in 6 months, then divide them on per day.

For example, you have to study 11 pages per day if you study for 1 hour (which comes to 1980 pages almost 2000 pages)  then if you study for 2 hours, then you can complete the course two times in 6 months. Isn’t it?

It is important for you to read Questions paper and syllabus, twice. In this way you will be able to know the internal choice.

A unit comprises of 2 – 3 chapters and the exam will consists of questions from both the chapters

There will be choice

If In a unit, there are 3 chapters, so study first two, then leave the third one

In this way, you can leave 1000 pages of the whole chapter

Yes, hence 1000 pages will come on internal choice

Then in this way, you can leave half course easily

Now, you just need to read

Loosing half of the syllabus will actually mean, than now you just have to read

5.5 pages

If you study 1 hour, you complete course twice in 6 months

How should I study like a topper?

Hence, a topper studies in this way

For ex.

If specific queries comprises of 1 mark, then he will answer in 2 words, and if the same query comes for 10 marks then he will write as long as a page or even more

If you want to appear for a competitive exam, then you have to study like a topper

I have a Pomodoro technique to help you understand what I am talking about:-

If you  study for 4 hours, then take 10 minutes of break after every 1 hour, as it enhances the oxygen supply in a brain which strengthens the functioning of a brain

For example, in a competitive exam, you have to study for more than 4 hours

After every 25 minutes you take a break for 5 minutes, then after resuming,  you study for another subject.

Only those competitive students pass, who knows their overall skills and have confidence in them

This technique increases your processing technique of your brain as well, as you switch over to new subjects at regular intervals.

After all, as this is the trait of a hard worker, which knows different subjects and you tend to grasp more new things.

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How sound we study in 1 day?

Well, in any case, you shouldn’t study for more than 6 hours


You should have the best of resources in terms of Books, teachers and techniques, while appearing for competitive exams

As these exams,  only have studies related with Class 6th and 10th studies. Since, subjects change from class 11


If you really want to achieve something big, then do have “Wikipedia” and “Free dictionary” should be installed

Then refer the whole syllabus from Wikipedia atleast once to get a thorough understanding

From Free dictionary enhance your vocabulary with similar words

Syllabus and 5 years of question paper

While you study, remove all those things which may divert your mind in any manner.

  • Make your mobile in airplane mode
  • While studying at home, tell your parents not to disturb you
  • If you are in hostel, then place ear buds with almond air in your ears.
  • You may get stains on your pillow, but it is far better than staining your life. What to say?


What to do with negative people?

Move out of those people who give you tensions and worries and create negative vibe.

These people basically can’t do any thing, and they don’t let you work constructively as well

These negative people tend to divert your mind in small and little things.

But do make sure, while creating a gap between the people, never to say anything to them which may make you sorry.

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How to gear a gap with such people?

Borrow money from them and return the next day, then again ask for money, then return.

Use this technique for a month and you will find the result.

Ask from large number of people and then you will find such negative people move away.



It is important to have the best of health

So, eat almonds,

Sprouts as they are full of nutrients

Make sure have sprouts in large numbers

As even Kaju don’t have such micro nutrients like sprouts


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How to become more attentive?

Most of us don’t get attentive to study

Well, what you can do, is to write a query in a plain paper, like “
“why am I studying”?

Place the paper in such a manner, than you see day in and day out.

Remember, those learned people who have excelled and made a name for themselves has firstly created targets, then achieve them through focus

So, you need to have memory retention in place and then create a graph

Revise the things at the end of a day  as it re-affirms your learning and understanding of matter

Just revise what you have learned for the first 3 days.

This is the basic aim of me to help you learn the things.

You will be able to extensively understand and learn the things in a broad manner.


If your really want to understand things, better, then make the best use of resources.

Finally, signing off by wishing Best of Luck to everyone.

Success will be all yours if you tend to follow the aforesaid tips.


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