How do you tell the difference between “WHO” & “WHOM

Who and Whom – Mistakes


Who is the subjective pronoun like I, we, you, they, He , she, it
Whom is the objective pronoun Like me, us, you, them, him, her

Who and Whom both denotes the human-beings, But, their use is different

Whom – Where is it used?

Will be used for an individual – no organization or company
No sentence will start with “Whom”
Whom will always be used in the middle

I consulted the doctor whom I met on train (whom refers to the person )


Who – Where is it used?

It is used for subjective pronouns such as I, we you, they, he, she, it
For example
Who was the doctor whom you consulted?
Ans. I consulted the doctor whom I met on train (whom refers to the person)


Let’s take the use of “Who”


Who was that person?
He is my friend

Who was with you yesterday?
He was my English Teacher
Who was accompanying you last night?
He was my mentor
Who was with you in car?
He was my father.



Let’s take use of “WHOM”

I met the architect in my office whom I greeted in the party last night

I am very happy to shake hands with the Prime Minister whom I met at the airport.

Whom  should I talk for getting this work done in the department?

To who was this letter directed?

Whom do you believe for getting this work done professionally?

I am in a fix with whom, I am going to partner for the show



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