How I polished my English skills – Fifth post


I have already written four posts where I have shared my experiences regarding how I polished my English skills. I am always there for you whenever you need any sort of help. The post is further going to help you in your aim of speaking as well writing in English.

In all the earlier posts, I have been trying my level best to tell you intricacies as well in order to help you further.

Grammar is regarded to be the backbone without which you possibly can’t polish the English skills. Hence, make sure that you are well versed with the tenses.

English is all about learning the intricacies. One of the most common mistakes which people commit while making the use of “older” and “elder”

Both the term means that you are younger to the other person. However, both of them are used in different ways. For example,

  • He is older to me (correct)
  • My brother is older to me (Wrong)


Now, I am explaining to you.

We use “elder” with those people who have blood relations with us. While for others we use “older”

I am going to give you another example in order to help you understand in a better way.

  • I am elder to my cousin brother. (correct)
  • My friend’s father is older to him. (correct)

Hope, you have got the difference between the two.


Another most common mistake which people mistake pertaining to 12o’ clock

If it’s day time, then we will be saying, It’s 12 noon and if its 12 at night, then it’s 12 midnight.

One simply cannot say 12 am or pm.

For example,

I will reach there by 12 noon. (correct)

I will return home by 12 midnight. (correct)



One of the other mistakes which we make at the time of examinations

We usually say,

I have given the examination (wrong)

We should say

I have taken the exam (right)

Even though, it’s literal meaning is totally opposite to what we want to say. Isn’t it?

These are few of the most common mistakes which we do. I am going to tell you more in the other posts.

In all the earlier posts, I have been trying my level best to tell you intricacies as well in order to help you further.

Grammar is regarded to be the backbone without which you possibly can’t polish the English skills. Hence, make sure that you are well versed with the tenses.

These are few of the most common mistakes which we do. I am going to tell you more in other posts.

  • Due to the rampant use of internet, do take out time to read online newspapers in English since it will give you enough boost.
  • How can you forget to go through the posts of renowned bloggers? This is another sure cut exercise by which you will become more confident in your approach.

It is not possible for me to explain each and every tense, and  the best thing is that you can easily check the concepts here
Edutree Let us Learn English Grammar

which help you get a grasp of both written and spoken English, like never before. It will indeed assist you for sure, as I have myself checked the same. What more do you want, when it is reasonably priced as well.
Also practise saying the same thing in other way, as it helps you to increase your vocabulary

63 (and counting) ways to begin the sentence with “I love it when”

I am writing the following sentences to start with the word

“I love it when”

  1. he shows respect towards me
  2. everybody listens to me
  3. there are no haters
  4. poor are fed infront of my eyes
  5. everyone is nice to me
  6. you show care to me
  7. there is a transparent procedure maintained in recruitment by the concerned departments
  8. they don’t make fun of me
  9. you start talking to me
  10. my mother cooks delicious food
  11. they have their best strategies to plan for my upcoming holiday session
  12. you have every beautiful thing to say to me
  13. they have stopped backbiting
  14. my children kiss me
  15. my father gives pocket money everyday
  16. poor are fed by rich
  17. you are the one who understands me
  18. my hubby calls me every evening
  19. my wife cooks my favorite dish
  20. my parents bestow love and affection to me
  21. they give scant regard to the allegations of others
  22. the whole world thinks me to be a sweet person
  23. my exams are delayed for another week
  24. the incessant rains declare school holiday
  25. I get the prize of my hardwork
  26. my hubby stands with me, no matter what
  27. people recognize my skills
  28. I get my share of success through increment
  29. There is no bitter news about the suferings in the world on any day
  30. she is the one to call me first on my birthday
  31. I get the instant message from my wife who is out in her hometown
  32. my parents easily agree to my demand
  33. I have my favorite chocolate
  34. Nobody interuppts me from plying my favorite game
  35. My friends respect me truly as they believe me
  36. The whole words seems to be beautiful with all the nicest people
  37. There is no poverty or hatred left in the world
  38. I have been the obvious choice for my parents to go to picnic
  39. No body has anything to say bad behind my back
  40. Promises are kept
  41. People around the globe live a happy life
  42. Everyone is simply so sweet to me
  43. People praise me behind their back
  44. Victims get the justice
  45. Accuse get behind the bars
  46. Concerned authorities do their job by hearing the concerns of victims
  47. People may not be rich, but they have big heart and are equally ready to help others
  48. Everyone is ready to learn from their mistakes
  49. Seniors love their juniors while they get respect in return too
  50. The world greets everybody on the account of festivals
  51. Different religions co-exist
  52. People may be rich, but they still have big heart where they show their concern for downtrodden
  53. The examples of humanity enforce the fact that the world is still beautiful
  54. The crime has fallen to an all time low
  55. I watch comedy shows as this is my hobby
  56. People distribute water in a hot summer day
  57. Auto drivers return the lost baggage of their clients
  58. I attend marriage parties of my friends
  59. My parents are happy
  60. My friends give moral support to me especially when I am down
  61. People run to help elders on road
  62. Justice is not actually delayed
  63. We as people give birth to a safe and secured society



50 most powerful (and counting) ways to use the word “it” in English sentences

One of my readers asked the ways to use the word “it”

So, it necessitates me to write the following post in order to help you guys understand, the correct method “it” is actually used in English grammar

The word “it” is just a means to start a sentence.

There are other following sentences starting with the word “it”

  1. It may rain today
  2. It is hot
  3. It will be very windy in few minutes
  4. It is a good scripture
  5. It will look good on you
  6. It is going to create history
  7. It will bring a revolution
  8. It may harm you
  9. It is cold outside
  10. It may bring a certain level of discomfort
  11. It will indeed going to make everyone embarrassed
  12. It is the best advice which I have possibly got in years
  13. It will certainly be the best time of my life
  14. It will bring two countries closer
  15. It is going to be the best time of my life
  16. It may bring my friend think twice
  17. It will never rain during this time of the year
  18. It is going to be the worst moment of the history
  19. It may bring enough cheers to the people who were expecting celebration of sorts
  20. It will indeed be the best way to lead a life of happiness
  21. It may never feel that way, but it actually shows
  22. It will certainly be etched in my memory forever
  23. It will be necessary for me to shout at you now
  24. It is going to be possibly the best time of my life
  25. It will indeed be etched in the memory forever
  26. It is going to have its repurcussions for people
  27. It may look wrong, but it is actually right
  28. It should look awkward considering so many decorative materials attached to it
  29. It is going to be the worst dress which you will wear
  30. It will infact make you famous for all the wrong reasons
  31. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but you are the best person, I have come across with
  32. It will be quite a serene atmosphere considering that the storm has just passed by
  33. It will truly be the most coveted moment considering I have my family with me
  34. It may look pleasant to the ears of others, but not mine
  35. It will be a showpiece which history will remember for all the wrong reasons
  36. It is going to be the best way to take revenge from this man, who has no ettiquettes
  37. It will be the best thing you could have done for his kind deeds
  38. It is one life, so you can either live it to the fullest or destroy it by indulging in immoral activities
  39. It is going to be the classic show, as the actors from different countries of the world are taking part
  40. It may be the best way to counter his allegations, but I am certainly not interested
  41. It will be quite a historical moment, considering two nations coming together for an amicable solution to the long pending issue
  42. It is right on your part
  43. It has been said multiple times, but still he doesn’t seem to understand
  44. It is going to be the best phase for him considering the fact that he has just been released from the prison to start the life afresh
  45. It will look good on him provided he mends his way and develops respect for his elders
  46. It should only be useful, if you know how you can better make use of this machine
  47. It shouldn’t bother you, as you have got all the paper work authenticating your honesty
  48. It will be the best moment, which you should consider as you are already free from all the charges
  49. It will be the most awesome moment as he has just won the long pending case today
  50. It will create moments of history for his family who has the credit of travelling to different places of the world in style.
  51. It isn’t the place which I have visited last time
  52. It is fine, but I need more choices to make my decisio
  53. It can create a certain level of confusion for the visiting delegates
  54. It should be what people actually desire and wish for
  55. It will be morally correct, but again not everyone will be ready to agree on this

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You can ask for any sort of problem right here in the comment section as well.

Afzal Zaheer

Freelance Writer (Hindustan Times)


In case you have missed my earlier posts.


6 thoughts on “How I polished my English skills – Fifth post”

    1. Yes sure,
      Here it is the conversation with the word “could you”
      Hope you like it as well,

      Customer – I have tried searching for the best “Sherwani” everywhere, but in vain. Could you help me find it really quick as I have to wear it tomorrow?
      Sales Assistant – Yes sure, let me know your size
      Customer – Could you simply know from my personality as my measurement seems to mis-match considering the fact I have put on weight of late?
      S.A – Could you give me 5–10 minutes?
      C- Yes sure
      S.A – Here it is, try these two.
      C- (After wearing them)- Second one looks perfect. Yes, this is the one, I was searching for a long time. It is the best possible “Sherwani” in terms of design, color and fit. Could you tell me its final price after discount?
      S.A – 15k
      C- Could you offer any further discount?
      S.A – Sir, not possible, as I am already telling you after discount.
      C- No problem, here it is.

  1. Sir can you please make a small paragraph of daily routine of my brother. It should be simple, innovative and should be in simple present tense. Use of words like normally and usually should be there.

    1. Ok, here it is

      Following a healthy routine is the best way to lead a systematic life. Let me tell you about what I usually do in my 24 hours of journey

      Well, I normally wake up at 5:30 o’ clock after after getting fresh, go to attend morning prayer. Followed by going for morning walk for an hour or so

      Later on, this is the time for me to greet my family members and after taking bath, my mother usually has breakfast ready

      I have it and usually go to attend my classes by 8.

      I normally study hard as I know success comes for those who hone their skills and involve their dedication with greater force.

      By 2o’ clock I return and my mother has lip smacking cuisine ready for me. Life is usually so beautiful more so, if we have lovely parents whom we equally respect. Isn’t it?

      After attending another prayer of afternoon, I normally sleep for a while to go for tuition. I usually take out time to revise the subjects which are taught in the class. My teacher is normally very satisfied with my performance.

      By 8o’ clock, I usually return home, keeping in mind my prayer timings for the obvious reason that Almighty has given my beautiful parents, teachers and so many luxuries of life and I normally have to thank him for this.

      Well, after taking dinner , I usually sleep by 10o’ clock.

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