How to get rid of suicidal thoughts forever- Complete guide

When there is depression for longer than your mind and body can actually bear, then it results in suicidal thoughts. Yes, “suicide” signals a premature ending of one’s life by equally sending shock waves to the near and dear ones. Yes, what is left behind is not only months but years of guilt, grief, resentment, anger, confusion and endless moments of chaos and confusion to the family for not able to do anything about it.

Since, we couldn’t wish the person “Good Bye” as we try to recall the last time, we happened to meet the deceased. Naturally, as emotional as we possibly get, we feel sorry for being very rude, insane, crazy or mad we were actually with the victim, but now the reality is the person has committed suicide.

Remember, failure is not the end of the world as if you are depressed due to not able to come up with expected results, recall that there is always the “next time”. Yes, that’s important to make you cheerful and motivated.

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The fear of cutting short ones life usually makes it a living hell for the parents who has to put brave front towards facing the traumatic, sudden and instant ending of their own children. Worst of all, there is immense stigma associated with suicides which even makes it further challenging for the associated members to be living and facing the world. As they are often the subject of endless blames for “just” being a mute spectator.

As per the recent developments worth to be seen, most of the suicides results from the unnecessary high expectations on the part of parents who want their children to excel, no matter what and on top of that, they keep on comparing them with other studious students. Thus, it instantly lowers the confidence level of students and they feel neglected from the people who matter them the most (like parents in this case). Similarly, it is this negative vibe, which starts with the thought process that there are “worthless” or “useless”. They also feel that society hardly needs them anymore and so do their parents who often tend to shout at them for being too careless, insensitive, and mad.

Even their friends turn foes and they literally cut themselves off, from the society as they can’t bear the stigma of being too traumatized from the constant tantrums of everybody.

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Even if parents notice that something is amiss with their children, they tend to lecture them. Little realizing the fact, that people with suicidal thoughts actually don’t need any argument and they themselves aren’t in a clear state of mind to listen any more dictations or lecture on the issue of “immorality” or “morality” or “how one should be more responsible to family and surroundings”

Do you know why it is recommended to have glass of water during angry state, especially during depression?

  • It is because while being hot tempered, it usually makes our body warm and water due to its cooling properties tend to make us cool and composed.
  • It is for the same reason that swimming may just prove to be the right option especially for those in depression or anger. It equally has its healing properties where the body gets surrounded with water to minimize the temperature. Hence, not only it helps to check on our anger issues, but is equally healthy for mind and body.

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Following are the suicidal thoughts which usually hover in an individual

  • It’s high time that I have been constantly suffering day-in and day-out and enough is enough
  • I finally have to end myself so that my sufferings end once and for all
  • I am left with no other option that to finish myself
  • Nobody loves me
  • The world doesn’t need me any more
  • I am just a liability to everyone, as the world will be much happier and pleasant without me
  • My parents won’t be having much of an effect in my absence (giving scant regard to the extent of problems you are actually going to leave them surrounded with)
  • I am a person born to end myself
  • I want to make my loved ones feel the extent of problems, I am actually surrounded with
  • I equally want them to experience the kind of suicidal thoughts, I am actually experiencing

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What you can do to minimize the level of sufferings for yourself?

  • You need to recall and memorize all the positive things which you possess
  • Give yourself a pat on the back by believing that you are God’s beautiful creation and that the sufferings are only a test from him to make you strong and polished
  • You need to distract yourself by doing positive things like reading books
  • Involve yourself in the get-togethers in your area to enhance your social circle
  • Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep and that depression shouldn’t come in the way of eating your mind and body. If necessary take a medicine, but not make it a habit.
  • Talk to the person whom you respect, care and love. Yes, share with him the thoughts which are going on your mind. Since this practice actually lessens the sufferings.

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  • Depression usually make us frustrated and in this state of mind, we tend to get angry more often. So, try to control your anger by doing things you prefer. It can be watching your favorite channel such as comedy shows or indulging in favorite sports or listening music etc. As you divert your mind, you would ease yourself from the tensions which has been accumulating over time.

  • You need to also know whether you are really addicted to something which may have triggered your depression further. Yes, I am talking about associated reasons of being alcoholic. Other than that if you have mental disorder then try to find out the reasons, whether it is hereditary. You need to talk to your physician regarding the ways to forsake it for leading a normal, fruitful and systematic life.
  • Create a safety plan writing down the reasons which may prevent you to commit suicide. Yes, delay it for like 24 hours every single time you get the thought as recalling the safety plans will keep you abreast with the reasons to dissuade yourself.

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Other ways of how to get rid of suicidal thoughts

Depressing thoughts may change occasionally. What (emotional thoughts) you may be experiencing today, may not be tomorrow. So, take easy and believe yourself that you are strong and bold to face such situations easily.

I am talking about the following states:-

You may experience a change in your mood (for better) after watching  a healthy comedy show, you have always loved and admired

Going out for an early or late night stroll, bare-foot on misty grass to keep your mind cool as early morning foggy grass is beneficial for health reasons

What aggravates the situation for a person to commit suicide?

Well, following are the three instances which enhances the chance of a person to commit suicide:-

  1. Firstly, there are suicidal thoughts which trigger us
  2. Then comes the available means to suicide such as weapons
  3. The available opportunity for committing suicide such as being lonely

In such situations, parents need to gel with their children extensively and remove any objections which may act as a weapon. For example, knife, long piece of cloth, sharp objects etc.

People under the influence of alcohol are far more likely to commit suicide as their mind ceases to work. So, don’t drink or take drugs.

Try to create your personal goals which may bring smiles in your face such as recalling about the funny childish moments you have with your friends, or how your parents and teachers regarded you to be special. As this acts as a stepping stone for you.

Do take care

Health is wealth and we all know about it. So, eat right and never skip meals by taking required hours of sleep. Yes, your body won’t pain during this process as it releases endorphins and strengthens your well being emotionally by releasing stress.

Find new ways to check your stress level. This can be done by indulging in exercises or practice breathing exercise to make you emotionally strong.

Suicidal feelings may have associated trauma which may long-last for days or even months. So, even if the feeling subsides, you need to keep on caring for yourself. Yes, I am talking about therapy to adhere. Yes make sure you feel blessed to be a part of God’s creation try to understand the real reason for being in the world. After all, as prevailing first rays of morning sun wakes you up, you feel energetic and cool, from the notorious thoughts of last night. Yes, it actually happens with others and so can happen with you too.

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