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I would like to begin the post by saying a “Big Thank You” . Since this is my third post and it necessitates me to write this one in order to further help English Learners to have a greater control over their writing skills.

I grew in an English medium background and I always had tremendous interest towards learning as well as polishing skills. Studying in an English medium background has its fair share of challenges as well since every one in the school expected me to have great hold of English and to be at par with their acceptations was something which I have to do any how.

Have a look at my experiences

In order to help you further, I need to share my additional experiences as well, after all they matter a lot towards helping you to overcome them

The problem which I faced while sharpening my English skills- Earlier 

I wasn’t getting a proper environment where I can talk with my friends of family members. Although, I tried talking to them, yet most of them were not supportive. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t blame them as well, since they neither had much grasp about the language, nor they had any interest in the same as well. In return, I had to face lots of sarcasm from them as they said that I am trying to become an English man and similar such sorts of comments.

There was a phase when I used to feel that all my hard-work is going down the drain. I made full use of my holidays as well as free time by writing letters as well as essays on daily basis after getting guidance from English grammar book. Apart from that, I also used to watch English news channels.

So, my main motive to write the post is that if you feel that you are not getting due share of your hard work, don’t worry, you will eventually get provided that you stick doing to what I have told you in my earlier posts.

  1. The thing which I will suggest you is to be habitual of watching English news channels on daily basis. If you are in the learning phase, it is important for you to come across with new words so that you can memorize them. Hence, there is a very little chance that they (words) will slip from your mind (owing to the fact that you will be in full practice)
  2. However, I devised another innovative trick which I missed mentioning earlier and that was to do the cricket commentary by muting the television. After all, every one of us love cricket to the core and why not to comment by muting it off. This will further make your journey of sharpening your skills a lot easy like never before. Since, the more you speak yourself, the better it is going to be for you towards enhancing the powers.

English has seen few changes in the process as well. For example,

  1. In my earlier days, I have been grown up learning that, with pronouns such as “I” and “We”, we are supposed to use the helping word “Shall” and for other pronouns in the form of “He”, “She”, “It”, “We” and They”, we will use “Will”. However, that hasn’t been the case now. Since, with any pronouns we only use “Will”. For example,

I will go there.

He will return from there.

  1. English is regarded to be a funny language and if the learning phase is devoid of fun and frolic, then you possibly won’t enjoy much. On the same lines, there is a word namely “Gay” which was primarily used for “Happiness”. I still remember that I have used this word so many times primarily to express my state of mind by saying, that I am gay. However, with the passage of time, it’s another meaning possibly held a far greater significance and if today, I will use this word again, then in all probability, others will be confused and surprised regarding my gender as well. Isn’t it?


Thanks everyone for bestowing so much love and affection. Stay tuned for more and continue to derive benefits from Edutree – Let us Learn English


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