How to use “Accept”, “Except”, “Expect” – Shocking mistakes of 2019

Accept , Except
Accept – To receive
Except – Exclude
Confusion starts, as both of them looks quite similar , but have totally different meaning

Sentences with ACCEPT

Let’s help you in creating sentences so that you can actually their individual meaning
I accept your offer, since it looks quite attractive
They accepted my nature and pardoned me
He will accept me, as I have told the truth
The management accepted my letter of apology, as a letter my respect for them has increased further
The cops didn’t accept the fact that the man stole the valuables

Now, let’s take a look at the sentences with “Except”

I took every medicine recommended except this one, but now I realise that I should have taken before.
Except today all the days were cloudy this week
All my friends were going to zoo, except me
The barracks were open for all the jailers, except one
Except for him, all his family members were happy
Except this year, I got promotion everyyear


Expect –  Thing which is likely to happen

Sentences with “Expect”

I expect you to come here

He expects me to act like a good student from now on

I expect my neighbor to develop caring attitude towards me


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