Manasseh Biregeya – An energetic young writer enthralls everyone with his skills

Do you know Manasseh Biregeya?
Well, if you don’t , then it is your bad luck, as he is already making headlines across the social media world, due to his awesome writing skills.


The biggest proof is an Indian writer namely Arpit Sharma who is quite impressed by his writing skills.
Similarly, people from different African countries are becoming his fan on FACEBOOK.

Who is Manasseh Biregeya?

Manasseh Biregeya is an energetic young writer enthralls everyone with his skills

Following is the sample of his writing
Hold tight and read the below post

There was a wind around, the sky was strongly dark, every thing around me was absolutely dark, the strange voice come directly mind”they are many people who don’t know that they are capable for anything. Then the voice went way,.
I shaked my body strongly than you expect,
In that moment, I thought if that voice was really essential.
So I tried to put in practice. Of what that voice meant.

Few months later, I have seen that in what we do, there I power of almighty that goes with us in what we do.
Nothing you can achieve or do with out the power of possibility in your mind,

Whatever you do keep up, never mess around, keep focused, give attention, be courageous, be positive,

But always believe in jesus name and his power will be behind your back ameen.

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