5 ways to clean your social media image before you apply for a job



Do you know that your unprofessional social media profile can actually finish your job prospect?

Do you know that potential recruiters secretly search for your actual “self” before they actually hire you in their reputed companies?

Yes, as a professional recruiter myself, I have to admit the same.

Don’t wait and read the below post:-

Every year, millions of students pass from their respective colleges and there goes the hunt for getting the most suited job according to their qualifications. However, in the process little do they realize about their social media profile which can become the base for their recruiters to get a hold of the different personality, beyond the boundaries of their resume. Hence, it is going to act as a death knell even before you were supposed to make a priceless first impression. Even, if you are already placed in the job, it wont make much of a difference for the recruiters to “fire you”. Since, there are companies who are on the look out for the slightest excuse so that they can eliminate you and this practice of yours can become the perfect base for them to even sue you as well. Since, social media sites such as Facebook, has become quite a prominent medium to be searched online, your identity can easily be revealed by your professional recruiters while doing home-work. Therefore, it is important for me to tell you about Things Your Business Should Never Do On FaceBook

Even if you a drinker, yet you do not want you employers to find out the same. Isn’t it? Therefore, make no mistake of posting such pictures. Hence, review your profile pictures along with the tagged photos to be at a safer side. If you have a clean image online, you will be regarded as a professional and believe it or not, that even your Weaknesses can actually land you a  job. Here’s how 

Enhance your public profile by posting a professional picture

Never like “questionable content” or else be ready to get embarrassed or even worse that it becomes the base for your employer to reject you. The smart way is to “like” the pages which are related with the position which you are applying for. Your public profile should speak volumes about your personality and it should be of a fun loving guy as well. Since, you want to be perceived in the same fashion as well.


Don’t show your negativity online

You cannot afford to air your negative things on social media sites. After all, your HR or your boss is going to find out the same. Hence, it is better to avoid showing your temperament and attitude. Therefore, do not indulge in backbiting or else it will act as a death knell for you. Yes, as you are going to enter a professional arena, where your skills count. So, always market yourself in the most professionalised manner. Likewise, you should also be prepared for the answer –Why should we hire you – asked by the interviewer


Accept the friend request of your Boss

It is not advisable to maintain relations with the boss outside the Facebook, however,  you do not have any other option if your boss sends friend request to you. Therefore, you have to be over cautious with the dealings which you do in future in terms of the comments which you post. Remember, your profile isn’t secret anymore. Other than that, regrets are a part of human beings and believe it or not, while in the interview room, you will be asked What is your biggest regret and why? – Here’s the detailed answer

Don’t stir up controversy

It is better to keep yourself away from commenting on social as well as religious beliefs on Facebook and Twitter. Since, these sorts of posts can actually backfire you. The HR department will not think twice towards terminating you.

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Hence, while reading the aforesaid article, you can help yourself towards ensuring a clean image online. Therefore, from now on, you can effectively balance your social media as well as professional life in a highly sophisticated way. Life is all about enjoying to the fullest. Therefore, arm yourself with such valuable information and enjoy like never before as well. After all, even an appropriate interest or party photo is enough towards making you jobless once and for all. If you thought, that just by enabling privacy settings in your social media site, things are going to be smooth for you, think again. Since, your Facebook profile does not just represent yourself, it has the big world beyond you too. Therefore, you need to be at your best in front of every one, as it is the others who help towards creating your online image. Isn’t it?

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Things Your Business Should Never Do On FaceBook



In order to ensure an effective social marketing strategy, you need to equally develop the art of emphatically saying “no” to the things which does not feel appropriate to you. After all, it takes ages to build the customer base, but split of a second is enough to loose them altogether, especially if you are not knowledgeable about the things to refrain from.

Therefore, it necessitates you to know the following coveted things to avoid on Facebook, so that you can create a brand for yourself by equally strengthening relationships.

Never indulge in the competition associated with “like and share”

Facebook promotion rules and guidelines never ask you to run “like” or “share” competition on your Facebook page. Since, it can easily be found by Facebook Insights which is considered to be a powerful tool. Especially as the page starts getting burgeoning amount of traffic which will indeed be clicked and reported as SPAM by people.

Never concentrate totally on selling

A strategy is going to be your best friend. Therefore, you should not just limit your relations with your customers on professional ground. Social Media is about how you conserve and engage. Look beyond the realms of just marketing and selling your products and this can be done by helping others. After all, social media sites such as Facebook involves a tricky process where your noble acts automatically give you much needed promotion, thus your increasing base of customers will be more responsive to your promotional posts. They will equally pass your promotion to other networks as well.

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Do not post your entire Page updates at one go on Facebook

Readers want to be a witness to informative and engaging articles on periodical basis. Therefore, never post all the articles on a single basis and then be absent for another set of days. This will discourage your readers as they will either unlike you, hide you or even mark as a SPAM.

 Never spam pages of other people

You might be unintentionally marketing your pages to potential fans, but this could lead you to various limitations or even ban.

Don’t post about politics or religion

Speaking on the matters of politics as well as religion will deter your audience towards establishing connection. Since, some where down the line you cannot be neutral in such debatable topics. You can have your own opinion but you should keep it limited with your close friends but when it comes to openly showcasing on Facebook, there is an increasing risk that it is going to make matters worse for you. Since, you can’t afford to have these interaction with the people with whom you are doing business. Isn’t it?

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Never expect immediate success

Relations take time to nurture and Social Media site such as Facebook is not an exception too. After all, life is regarded to be a learning phase. Hence, patiently learn the things in order to strengthen and cement the relations like never before.

Final thoughts

Therefore, by reading the aforesaid article, you know the things which you should refrain from doing on Facebook as it will act as a death knell for your business. After all, as it is said that “If you suck in real life, you will suck on Social Media”, therefore be cheerful since it is the best remedy to make fortunes like never before. Great, isn’t it?

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10 Benefits of Having a Facebook Fan Page Over A Personal Profile


Has it ever happened that the moment you clicked on the Facebook link, you automatically got directed to the personal page of the individual? If yes, then the feeling to get accepted in order to see their content can’t cause more inconvenience than this for sure. Hence, it entails one more step especially at the time when you least accepted it.

Therefore the following article helps you towards knowing the reasons to attach a Fan Page to your business.

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No limits of friends

Personal profile page can have maximum 5,000 friends, while there is no limit in Fan page. Therefore, the more the better. Hence, you are able to get much needed exposure which you dearly need as well.

You can have privacy in your personal life

You do not want your personal life to be exposed. Isn’t it? Secondly, you do not want your friends and relatives to constantly see business updates. Therefore, control the privacy settings on your personal page and optimize publicity for your Fan Page.

Not have the option to access Facebook insights with personal page

You can’t access Facebook insight with the personal page of yours. Only FanPage can help you with getting the detailed knowledge about the prospective customer, their places of origin, the timing when they are online along with their likes and dislikes. You can get such information through rows and columns of information through FanPage only.

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Newsfeed Marketing

Newsfeed Marketing is extremely important. Since, the updates will be visible on the newsfeeds of your fans. The interaction which you have about your posts can easily be seen on the friend’s newsfeeds. Therefore, you have the prospect of gaining new fans as well.

Search Engine Results

Facebook Fan Pages are indexed and therefore, the public content is equally indexed too. Hence, your popularity on the search engine is going to show up thus boosting your business.

Tagging your Brand

Any body can tag you on the Fan Page unlike only friends can do the same in the persona page. Therefore, it brings a pleasant change where getting tagged will bring a pleasant change.

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Facebook Offers

By running Facebook offers, you can increase your chance of promoting deals and spreading them even further. As both fans as well as non-fans can be eligible to participate. You cannot get the facility in personal profile of yours.

Resort to comment from the point of your brand

You can officially like pages to your Fan page along with commenting on the posts as well. Thereby, you can enhance the exposure of your brand by initiating much needed conversations with the new audience of yours. Great, isn’t it?

Having the ability to assign Admin Roles

You can make any body Admin and assign the roles. If you want others to manage the account then make them “Content Creators” or “Moderators”. The best thing is that, they can’t have any access to the data of your business, in the event when they are not in good terms with you.

Business Relevant Information

As you make a page, you are able to systematically represent like the way you want in terms of having a category, products, awards, mission statement along with a Founded date. Therefore, a customer can also get useful insights like the way he wanted. Great, isn’t it?

Finally, aforesaid are the 10 benefits of having a Fan Page over a personal page on Facebook. The move gains even greater significance especially in the wake of the fact that Facebook has been aggressive towards reprimanding personal Facebook profiles who are using for their business. Therefore, it is important to covert them into business page in order to avoid the risk of getting deleted.

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13 Most Useful Social Media Tools of 2017




There is no dearth of tools which are indeed making an immense impact around the web. While reading the following article, you will be armed with 13 most useful social media tools of 2013 which are all set to make your virtual life a lot easier and powerful than ever before. In this way, you will conduct your business operations in a smooth and full fledged way as well.


It is indeed quite a powerful tool as by hooking to any social network; it gives detailed and updated insight about the happenings which are going on.



WooBox.com will indeed prove to be the best for you. If your commitments require you to manage Facebook pages and you are looking to add apps of various kinds.


You can make your content even more organized than ever before with Feedly. Here, you connect your RSS feeds, Google Reader along with discovering new sources.



Do you have lots of domain and often have faced the inconvenience due to not remembering the re-registeration dates? If yes, then you have reasons to cheer up since the tool will act as a reminder about the same. Hence, you do not have to miss re-registeration dates as well. The interface is indeed quite clean like the way you want.


The immense popularity of this social media tool can be gauged from the fact that it arms you with the best possible solution regarding the things which you need to tweet. Through the tool, you will get a sense of which part of the day you register maximum followers. Therefore, you can share at the time which is suggested to you. You can also export your reports through PDF which can then be used in your presentation skills.



 This social media tool will help you towards creating charismatic as well as compelling visual content on periodical basis.


Do you want to get hold of your blogs which are based on your interests? If yes, then there can’t be any better tool than Freedspot.com. Besides picking as well as following blogs which interests you, the tool will equally suggest you according to your activity. You can also import the Google Reader subscriptions as well. Great, isn’t it?



By having this tool for your YouTube, you are able to get in touch with your favorite subscriptions along with the content and you get the luxury of making requisite changes through dashboard style experience.


Do you wan to read as well as send tweets from your mobile device? If yes, then Tweetbot offers an enriching user interface. You just need to swipe the tweet and you will be armed with the detailed conversation relevant to the tweet and email. You can save it for your later use by equally performing twitter searches as well. Great, isn’t it?



This is the tool which will accomplish the needs of your events and conferences



Thanks to this social media tool, you will be able to generate the images in a sophisticated way. Thereby, it is easy for you towards creating shareable poster-style pieces of content.


Looking to share your post with your social network? If yes, then Dlvr.it since besides monitoring your blog feed, it effectively sends the content to your preferred social network.

RockMelt Mobile

This social media tool has indeed generated enough popularity since it was launched two years back. Its exposure can be gauged from the fact that it has become one of the best mobile-based social discovery apps as well.


Finally, aforesaid are 13 most useful Social Media Tools of 2017. It is expected that there are going to be more with passing year as well