Things Your Business Should Never Do On FaceBook



In order to ensure an effective social marketing strategy, you need to equally develop the art of emphatically saying “no” to the things which does not feel appropriate to you. After all, it takes ages to build the customer base, but split of a second is enough to loose them altogether, especially if you are not knowledgeable about the things to refrain from.

Therefore, it necessitates you to know the following coveted things to avoid on Facebook, so that you can create a brand for yourself by equally strengthening relationships.

Never indulge in the competition associated with “like and share”

Facebook promotion rules and guidelines never ask you to run “like” or “share” competition on your Facebook page. Since, it can easily be found by Facebook Insights which is considered to be a powerful tool. Especially as the page starts getting burgeoning amount of traffic which will indeed be clicked and reported as SPAM by people.

Never concentrate totally on selling

A strategy is going to be your best friend. Therefore, you should not just limit your relations with your customers on professional ground. Social Media is about how you conserve and engage. Look beyond the realms of just marketing and selling your products and this can be done by helping others. After all, social media sites such as Facebook involves a tricky process where your noble acts automatically give you much needed promotion, thus your increasing base of customers will be more responsive to your promotional posts. They will equally pass your promotion to other networks as well.

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Do not post your entire Page updates at one go on Facebook

Readers want to be a witness to informative and engaging articles on periodical basis. Therefore, never post all the articles on a single basis and then be absent for another set of days. This will discourage your readers as they will either unlike you, hide you or even mark as a SPAM.

 Never spam pages of other people

You might be unintentionally marketing your pages to potential fans, but this could lead you to various limitations or even ban.

Don’t post about politics or religion

Speaking on the matters of politics as well as religion will deter your audience towards establishing connection. Since, some where down the line you cannot be neutral in such debatable topics. You can have your own opinion but you should keep it limited with your close friends but when it comes to openly showcasing on Facebook, there is an increasing risk that it is going to make matters worse for you. Since, you can’t afford to have these interaction with the people with whom you are doing business. Isn’t it?

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Never expect immediate success

Relations take time to nurture and Social Media site such as Facebook is not an exception too. After all, life is regarded to be a learning phase. Hence, patiently learn the things in order to strengthen and cement the relations like never before.

Final thoughts

Therefore, by reading the aforesaid article, you know the things which you should refrain from doing on Facebook as it will act as a death knell for your business. After all, as it is said that “If you suck in real life, you will suck on Social Media”, therefore be cheerful since it is the best remedy to make fortunes like never before. Great, isn’t it?

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  2. Sir, what kind of business can we do on Facebook? I mean to say that we can’t sell any product or service on Facebook but we can promote it. Or you want to convey this thing that advertising is the part of business?

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