Top 10 best practical ways to manage stress


It is beyond doubt that stress has certainly jeopardized our lives to the core and a big chunk of people are experiencing high level of stress these days. One of the biggest reasons for stress is the fact that our lives have become so fast paced that keeping it under check is something which we are continuously finding difficult to do. If you thought that you can’t be able to know the real stress management tips, then you are wrong. Since, I am coming up with the following post where I will tell you easy ways to reduce the stress in your life:-

Ascertain the real reason for stress

The best and worst way to cope with stress comes when it is hard for us to figure out especially from where stress is coming out, even though we want to remove stress. Do not cave in to the pressure of stress, rather than face it boldly and confidently. Never create grounds where you inevitably have to face stress. For example, if you know that playing video game for long will create headache and anxiety, then control on your nerves and quit playing immediately.

Be smart

One of the 10 practical ways to handle stress is to take smart decisions. For example, if you are always bothered with long queues in the supermarket, then try to go at the time, when the queue is almost negligible. Similarly, when it comes to traffic jams, make way early so that you normally don’t find much of the traffic. The reason why I am saying is that these days a big chunk of people are usually stressed out after finding out the long queues or traffic jams and as a result it starts taking a toll on their lives.

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Develop the art of patience

I know its very difficult to tell someone to be patient enough, but I believe that it is highly important for all of us to actually practice the same in some way or the other. Hence, when there is a talk of the 10 ways to manage your stress, you need to patient enough and you can practice yoga since it offers such a healing power which will at once creates a conducive atmosphere for yourself. You will feel more at ease and a lot relaxed as well.

Ensure free private moment for yourself

As you are finding ways to manage stress, you should take out time for yourself. Since, one of the best ways to beat stress in today’s competitive world is to take out few moments for yourself. What happens is when it becomes beyond for your mind to take control of the things, then you naturally feel stressed out. What you can do is you can close your eyes and take rest, especially if you are journeying and have few spare moments. In this way you can give few moments of ease to your eyes and your body as well.

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We shouldn’t be dependent on technology excessively

In such a technology advanced world, we are too much dependent on technology that it has also become a big culprit in making us stressed out. Therefore, with regards to the basic question how to beat stress, you shouldn’t use technology even beyond your body could permit. For example, we are habitual of watching television till late at night along with playing video games on computer. Hence, as we sleep late at night and in the process, we undue strain our eyes too much and if we have to get up early next morning, then we are stressed out since we really didn’t get enough sleep. On the same lines, we are equally habitual of talking on phone for hours together which isn’t a healthy sign. Hence, if we really need to check out the best ways to manage stress, then we have to make minimal use of such technology or else it will surely be a death knell.

Don’t panic

Another one of the stress relief tips is to stop being in a panic mode. Since, it stands out to be the best way to deal with stress since if you don’t panic, then you are in a far greater and better position to take decisions where you don’t feel stressed out in any way as well.

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Love what you do

When it comes to the basic question How to reduce stress, all I can say is love what you do. For example, if amidst a tensed life, you have found a time for yourself, accomplish your task by fulfilling your hobbies. For example, you might love writing, signing, playing guitar etc and do take out time from your busy schedule in order to accomplish this task of yours.

Break the things

Another one of the top ten ways to manage your stress is to break the things in order to ease you further. For example, if the certain task which your boss has assigned to you is making you mentally unstable and stressed out, don’t worry. Break it in smaller parts so that you won’t panic a lot towards accomplishing the same.

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Manage your time well

One of the ten tips to manage stress is to keep a suitable ground where you can easily manage your time in an easy and effective manner. It has been seen that the real reason for people experiencing stress is the fact that they are unable to take out time for themselves which as a result create unfavorable situation for themselves. Hence, they don’t get time to refresh and rejuvenate themselves.

We shouldn’t always work for perfection

Another reason why we are stressed out to the core is out quest of attaining the perfection with the things we do. As humans it is understandable to make mistakes and it is quite a natural thing as well. Give your 100% but don’t push extra hard towards creating favorable results. Because, indirectly, you will be creating an unfavorable situation for yourself through the same.

Finally, aforesaid are the top 10 practical ways to handle stress. Imbibe them in your daily life and experience the pleasant joy in the process as well. All I want to say at last is that life is too short to worry about things. So remove stress and live life to the fullest like never before. So, what are you waiting for?


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  1. Well during the period of stress, we don’t need to ascertain the reason of stress as we are in state of stress due to that reason only.

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