Use of “TO” while comparing things

Asked by Pooja Bisht

Mistake 55

I prefer tea than coffee (wrong)
I prefer tea to coffee (correct)

Always use TO with PREFER

For example,

I prefer trouser to jeans

I prefer Nigeria to United States

We know that “TO” is a preposition which is used for “DIRECTIONS”.
Apart from that, “To’ is also used between two things when compared.

For example,

I like my pink dress to black dress

Here, “TO” is used

As there is a comparison between PINK and BLACK DRESS

So, when we are comparing these two dresses, we are using

Another example,

This is comparison between two cities.
And I am comparing them

In the same way, if there is comparison between two things, be it dresses, places or any thing, we are going to use “TO”

Another example,

I prefer Saturday to Sunday for enjoying my weekend
I prefer Mrs. Arpita Sharam for teaching English to Mrs. X

Hope, it is clear to you now

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