What is surrogacy? Everything you want to know in detail

Surrogacy- The best and everlasting Option

Have you tried every possible effort to become proud parents, but failed? If yes, then you do not need to worry since surrogacy will give you heavenly experience by blessing with a child.

After all, pregnancy culminating in the birth of a child showers endless and everlasting happiness. Although, married couples resort to every possible method to be blessed with the nature’s best form of gift, yet it is not that easy to become parents. Therefore, surrogacy proves to be a blessing for them to attain parenthood.

Hence, it is necessary to know every thing in detail about Surrogacy.


  • What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the process where woman bears and gives birth either for “individuals” or couples. Hence, it signals endless celebrations for intended parents who run a proud family.


  • Why India is suited for surrogacy?

India demands completion of fewer formalities. Couples who are looking to hire surrogacy in India, do not have to undergo endless legal formalities.

After all, India Council of Medical research makes it mandatory for surrogate mothers to sign away their right just after the birth of baby. Hence, it leaves no room of any sort of claim by the surrogate mother in future. Thus, the Indian Law gives 100% protection to intended parents by completely finishing off the rights of the surrogate parents. Hence, intended mothers feel safe and secure since they know that no body will lay claim on their baby ever after. 2002 was the year when commercial surrogacy was legalized in India and since then, there has been whopping 1,500+ successful surrogate births on Indian soil. Hence, it is a clear proof that India is one of the best destinations for “childless couples”

India, being a traditional country lends helping hand to every one and when it comes to guests, Indians regard them as next to Gods. Hence, it is enough to prove that India look forward towards instilling endless and everlasting smiles by going overboard to any one who needs help.  Hence, India does not have dearth of women who willingly agrees to bear the child since they believe in the existence of a family. Therefore, commercial surrogacy is flourishing like never before as it is equally proving to be source of livelihood for the economically weaker families as well.

A surrogate mother gets her medical, travelling expenses along her service charge. The time, efforts and pain which she had borne in the process is held in high esteem and she is paid roughly Rs 3,00,000 to 4,00,000

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  • Surrogacy cost

The cost of surrogacy in India is far less as compared to other countries in the world. The charges of a surrogate mother is nothing when compared to what couples have to shell in United States or for that matter in any part of the world. The cost of surrogacy in India stands out to roughly $ 20,000 as compared to US where you have to shell whopping $50,000 for the same procedure. Hence, India has become a lucrative option for depressed couples who want to start their family through surrogacy. The country equally offers lucrative option for them as they ensure everlasting happiness without burning a hole in their pocket. Increasing numbers of parents are returning home with a sense of “much needed” and coveted victory. After all, the endless and convincing glee in their faces is a clear signal of successfully undergoing mentally tough times in their quest of having a child.

Needless to say, that a baby symbolizes love and affection and she strengthens the family bond even further.  A home ceases to justify its name unless it bears witness to the presence of a child including varied form of emotions of her be it cries, naughtiness, happiness and the list just goes on and on.

Medical tourism in India is growing in leaps and bounds and increasing number of depressed yet optimistic couples are finding India to be the best place for hiring surrogacy. After all, the country is continuously fulfilling the expectations of endless number of couples who are eying to get their surrogates here.

Low medical cost, enriching past records and conducive procedure has made the country way ahead of the rest. India is only one of the few countries which has not banned surrogacy. Hence, if you are looking to change your life for the better, then look no further towards literally experiencing heaven on earth. After all, the cries of an inborn child will make you blessed with the most sacred and coveted happiness which is simply hard to describe in mere words. Isn’t it?


  • Surrogacy in India

Before going to India, you need to prepare yourself mentally in order to avoid unforeseen hassles. Thereby, as you follow your guidelines, your trip gets edged in your memory for all the pleasant reasons. Increasing number of depressed couples are making a trip to the country and they are returning joyfully like never before.

Getting in touch with an esteemed agency will surely work wonders and you need to equally undergo psychological counseling. Its importance is all the more relevant and necessary as the surrogate hails from different part of the world who has been brought up in a totally different surrounding. It is advisable to get in touch with a psychologist who can assist you to cope up with the complexities. Therefore, your journey from a woman to attaining motherhood is actually special as you feel blessed to be a proud mother who will nurture her baby in the most loving way. A surrogacy agency can ease you in your process of starting a family of your own. After all, you can speed up the process of having your own family. Due to the exemplary assistance and guidance which the agency bestows on “depressed couples”, it is indeed able to solve your purpose of having the biggest joy in life. These agencies provide moral support by boosting your confidence and making you mentally prepared as well.

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  • What are the types of Surrogacy?


There are two types of surrogacy

  1. Traditional Surrogacy
  2. Gestational Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy- Here, the male devoid of a suitable partner, ( for eg. Her wife does not have suitable eggs) wishes to have a baby. It mainly happens due to genetic reasons if the eggs of the woman are not viable and it might have the potential of risking her biological child, then traditional surrogate is the best option for her. Hence, surrogate is genetically attached with the unborn child.

Gestational surrogacy-Here, the surrogate mother is impregnated. The egg belongs to another woman which is fertilized by intended father’s sperms through a process namely vitro fertilization. Here, the surrogate is not genetically attached with the unborn child. The surrogate might need fertility drugs in order to ensure successful impregnation.


  • What are the criteria’s for a surrogate mother?

Health is highly important. Hence, a potential surrogate mother needs to be in the best of her health that can easily and timely undergo pregnancy without any risk to her life.

However, there are medical conditions which can prevent a woman to become a surrogate mother.

  • If in case she is suffering from health problems which have the potential of developing complications later on.
  • Woman who is obese or in the habit of smoking, drinking etc cannot not become surrogate mother due, to impending risk to both baby and herself.
  • It takes determination and courage to become a surrogate mother. She has to be emotionally as well as physically strong. She should be applauded and supported by her loved ones through the whole procedure.

Following are the conditions which are laid under section 56 and surrogate mother has to fulfill each and every single one of them as well:-

  • She has to be minimum 21 years old
  • Due to the associated high risks in first pregnancy, woman who has already given birth is preferred.
  • There should not be any known or obvious reasons endangering her health or that of the child comes out in the medical evaluation which she undergoes.
  • If the surrogacy involves vitro fertilization, she needs to provide written consent.
  • She should not have been a surrogate for compensation more than once before.
  • She has to sign all the terms of surrogacy contract

The agency easily looks after the medical along with legal aspects. Hence, intended parents need not worry even a bit as well.

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  • What is Gay Surrogacy?

Being a sexually different man, if you want to start a family of your own, then thanks to gay surrogacy, you can actually become a proud father. Even in India, your different sexual orientation will not prove to be a source of hindrance towards becoming a family man.


In order to be proudly referred as “gay parents”, India stands out to be the best option for you. The role of India becomes even more than ever before as there is equally no restriction unlike some of the western countries.

  • What are the changing trends?

However, if you are in the notion that women opt for surrogacy only if they are not able to conceive, then you need to seriously introspect. Thanks to changing lifestyle, even professional women who want to save themselves from the excruciating and time consuming procedure of giving birth go for surrogacy. Therefore, their professional life goes on without any sort of hindrance or problems.

Ensure endless happiness

Now, you do not need to be depressed and disheartened as surrogacy will open plethora of happiness like never before. It stands out to be the safest and effective way of giving endless and everlasting happiness for thousands of couples who are proudly and happily running families of their own. There are documents which are signed between intended parents and surrogate mother. Hence, the contract ensures that the baby stands out to be the legitimate child of the intended couples. Surrogacy gives you enough reasons to spend your life joyfully. Finally, no one can prove to be a hindrance for you in creating your family and thus accomplishing your dreams for ever before. So what are you waiting for?

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