Where should we use “YET” – Answer req. by Sanjib Sahoo

Sanjib Sahoo, a member of English Teacher group has requested about the situations where YET is used.

Following is the detailed explanation

Method -1

Yet is used as an adverb , conjunction, in place of “but” or “nevertheless”. It is also used to emphasize things or asĀ  an additional idea. .

Situation – A

“Yet” is used at the end of sentences, in the following ways:-

It refers to the situation, where the event hasn’t happened. To describe easily, such sort of sentences, these are mainly those type of sentences, where we use

For ex.

  1. I haven’t, gone to office yet
  2. She hasn’t finished her assignment yet
  3. They haven’t done their house-hold chores yet
  4. He hasn’t gave me a call back yet

Situation -B

Yet is also used in the middle of the sentence when the situation is not clear. Mainly m such type of sentences belong to formal conversations.
In such sentences, “yet” is often placed after

For ex.

  • The Education department has yet to determine, whether the allegations of cheating is true
  • The guests are yet to grace the occasion
  • The lucky winners are yet to be announced
  • He has yet to take precautions to save himself from seasonal flu

Situation – C

Yet is also used in those sentences, where certain type of event or situation is ongoing.
It primarily means, that you are telling others, that you are still in the middle of the action and it will take time for the situation to end in near future.
For ex.

  • I have a lot more work yet (Here, you are basically implying, that you are in the middle of the work and that it will be finished, in due course of time.
  • There is a lot more time yet for the dates to be finalised


Method – 2

Situation- A

Yet is used highlighting the negative aspect
For ex.

  • Yet another herculean task to finish homework in such a less time
  • Yet another challenging path to cover in dark
  • Yet another dubious role of a man who is changing the statements at frequent intervals


Situation- B


Yet is also used for emphasising something.

  • The doctors gave her yet another injection after examining high blood pressure
  • The driver applied brakes yet again and avoided timely accident
  • My parents gave me yet another gift on account of scoring high percentage


Situation- C


Place YET at the end of sentence, denoting the level of enthusiasm

  • The documentary was the best one yet
  • That was the cutest performance from the child yet
  • It was an electrifying show and the best one yet


YET is used as a conjunction

Use, YET in a sentence in place of BUT, as it tends to give a certain distinctive and specific tone.
Place a comma before yet

  • He is an engineer, yet he is teaching English in school
  • The marriage hall is very expensive,yet it is not worth the money
  • She goes to gym daily, yet she is not losing weight


“YET” is used to “add-on” a sentence signifying the subject which may be contradictory

  • For ex.
    The new house owners, complained of loud music, yet they themselves play every night
  • They don’t want to shift to new city, yet accepted the invitation
  • He doesn’t like to play cricket, yet talk about it for hours


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