Where to use “To” and “Than”, while comparing things

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Q. Where we use “To” and “Than” in sentences

There is a slight difference between “TO” and “THAN”, but when you understand right from basic, then it will be clear to you


I prefer tea than coffee (wrong)
I prefer tea to coffee (correct)

Always use TO with PREFER

For example,

I prefer trouser to jeans

I prefer Nigeria to United States

We know that “TO” is a preposition which is used for “DIRECTIONS”.
Apart from that, “To’ is also used between two things when compared.

For example,

I like my pink dress to black dress

Here, “TO” is used

As there is a comparison between PINK and BLACK DRESS

So, when we are comparing these two dresses, we are using

Another example,

This is comparison between two cities.
And I am comparing them

In the same way, if there is comparison between two things, be it dresses, places or any thing, we are going to use “TO”

Another example,

I prefer Saturday to Sunday for enjoying my weekend
I prefer Mrs. Arpita Sharam for teaching English to Mrs. X

Now, let’s take a look of “THAN”

We have seen that “TO” is used while comparing things of similar nature.
For example, dresses, places or even eatables.
However, when things are of different nature, then we use “THAN”

For example,

I like to play than to sleep

Here, play and sleep are different.

So, we use “than”

Hope, it is clear to you now

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