Who unfollowed on instagram – An interestingly different app

A great way to create a mind-blowing, awesome and healthy presence on social media sites such as Instagram is to monitor the activities of your followers. Yes, if you ask me, well I should know “who unfollowed on Instagram”. Being a photojournalist, my work entails me to be creative, innovative and smart where my responsibility for my ever increasing Instagram followers is to deliver the best of images increases further. Yes, they naturally expect something different, interesting and unique every single time. Thanks to my professional commitments with years of excellence, I do feel that I am complete with who unfollowed on instagram app. Yes, the other day I was checking the app and I downloaded it for free instantly and it is actually delivering to what it promises.


Since, it gives me impetus to actually feel a pulse of the taste of my followers. More so, as I have always wanted to keep a track of wide range of follower’s activities, where my primary focus was on the followers who dearly follow me with respect to those who have unfollowed me

Thanks to who unfollowed on instagram app, I instantly get a notification in the event if someone unfollows me

Now, I am able to know my secret followers

After all, social media sites have become the most obvious choice for people where it gives a platform to connect with like-minded people and also to socialize with our college friends, colleagues with whom we may not be able to meet due to paucity of time or distance.

Even the best way for non tech users to easily get to know to check unfollowers with a single tap

Well, now if I have to see the profiles of other Instagram users, I can do from within the app

  • It equally helps me to gain further social media insights
  • I am able to know secret admirers as well

Instagram gives such a captivating platform for sharing your thoughts, expressions and likings through the best of moments which you capture. Yes, I am talking about those beautiful pictures which give perfect reasons to re-live those moments as and when you take a look at them.

After all, it is due to this reason, that “A picture is regarded to be thousand words” and if clicked well, then it further captivates the attention of everyone.

Final words

In short, who unfollowed me in Instagram has made me easy to track followers unlike before. My post is basically for those who are looking to create a pleasant difference in their personal or professional network. I don’t see any reason to mention about the drawbacks, as there aren’t any.

2 thoughts on “Who unfollowed on instagram – An interestingly different app”

    1. Well, that’s impossible.
      But, what you can basically do is to keep track of your followers as this will basically help you to strategize, based on the strength of followers.
      There is an app namely “Who unfollowed on instagram” for the same.


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